What do you know about the Battle of Uhud ?

Battle of Uhud

What do you know about the Battle of Uhud? The Battle of Uhud is the second most important battle in Islamic history, and it is the decisive secondary battle that took place between the leaders of the Quraysh and its army, and between our Prophet, the peace of our eyes, the Prophet Muhammad, and the Islamic army.

What do you know about the Battle of Badr? It is a battle that took place on the seventeenth of Ramadan in the second year of the Hijrah (corresponding to March 13, 624 AD) between Muslims led by the Prophet Muhammad, and the Quraish tribe.

What is the reason for the invasion of one?

  1. The Battle of Uhud had the main objective, which was to kill the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and destroy Islam, after the Battle of Badr.
  2. As the Muslims were victorious over the defeat the Meccan army.
  3. The leaders of Mecca were enraged.
  4. They had been humiliated and upset because their great army had lost to an army much smaller than them.
  5. So they wanted to redeem themselves and destroy Islam forever, so they gathered a much larger army.
  6. then it was in the Battle of Badr and they prepared to launch another battle.
  7. Which was later known as the Battle of Uhud (a little outside Medina).

What is the number of the Islamic army in the Battle of Uhud?

  • Similar to the Battle of Badr, the number of the Islamic army was less than the number of the infidels as well, rather the ratio in this battle was 50:1.
  • The army of the infidels was greatly increased, including containing 3,000 infantry and 3,000 camels.
  • In addition to the 200 Persians, Abu Sufyan, the leader of Makkah, was the leader of the infidel army against the Islamic army.
  • While the Islamic army was equipped with 700 men of infantry, 50 men of archers, and 4 cavalries.

What is the location of the invasion of Uhud?

  1. The location of the battle was Mount Uhud, which had a strategic and geographical advantage for the Islamic army.
  2. Where it has provided a structural defense for Muslims.
  3. The Prophet Muhammad deployed his forces accordingly, placing 50 men of archers on the slope of Mount Uhud.
  4. This was to ensure that the backs of the Muslims who were fighting below were protected.
  5. And the inability of the opposing force to attack from behind.
  6. As the Prophet Muhammad commanded, these archers never leave their positions or places, regardless of the situation.

What are the events of the Battle of Uhud?

  • On the battlefield, three lines of defense were issued by the Muslim army (just like in the Battle of Badr), and like the traditions of the time.
  • A representative was summoned to start the battle, and Ali ibn Abi Talib was summoned, representing the Islamic army.
  • While the representative of the infidel army was Talha bin Abi Talha al-Abdari, he also carried the banner of the pagans.
  • During that time, the banner-bearer was considered the commander of the army, and in one swift move, Ali defeated Talha and those who came after him.
  • As the fighting began, the Prophet Muhammad’s voice shouted: Allah is great, Allah is great, rushing forward.
  • As the Muslims were gaining more momentum, they quickly defeated the opposing forces.
  • Then it caused him to switch from defense to offense.
  • At that time, the Muslims were led by Ali bin Abi Talib and Hamza, the uncle of the Prophet of Allah Muhammad, may Allah be pleased with him, and Abu Dujana and others.
  • This caused the Islamic forces to gain morale.
  • But unfortunately, during this approach when Muslims switched from changing the state from the state of defense to the state of attack.

What are the results of the Battle of Uhud?

  1. Islam has lost one of its greatest soldiers, Hamzah, may Allah be pleased with him, who was known as “The Lion of Allah” because of his bravery, strength, and skill on the battlefield.
  2. When the Muslims succeeded in bringing the infidel army back, a big mistake happened to these archers.
  3. who were posted on the slope of Mount Uhud, and whom the Prophet Muhammad recommended.
  4. Not to leave their places, whatever the battle situation.
  5. So these archers left their places and entered the battlefield.
  6. This was motivated by their greed to collect animals and other battlefields.
  7. So they disobeyed the orders of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.
  8. As a result, seeing how fewer archers were deployed on the slope, the army of the infidels saw this as an opportunity.
  9. And they began to roam around the mountain and attack the Muslims from behind, the Islamic army attacked from behind. Which led to causing a lot of confusion, about who is fighting those, who unfortunately killed their brothers Muslims.
  10. To the extent that many Muslims fled and retreated from the battle, the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and his faithful faithful companions (about 14 only) were left behind.
  11. Because of this act, many Muslims were killed in the Battle of Uhud.
  12. It also happened around this time, the injury of the Prophet Muhammad.
  13. It was rumored that he died, but Allah Almighty was the guardian of the Prophet Muhammad.
  14. And save him from death, Almighty. As a number of Muslims left the battle.
  15. One of the brave soldiers had to also go on to protect the Prophet, Muhammad.
Battle of Uhud
Battle of Uhud

Companion Ali bin Abi Talib

  • This warrior is the companion of Ali bin Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased with him, as he fought bravely for the justice of Islam and the upholding of the word of truth and the satisfaction of Allah Almighty – with him.
  • His legendary sword was called “Zulfikar”, a sword given to him by the Prophet Muhammad.
  • And who was sent by Gabriel, peace be upon him, by order of Allah – the Highest, to give it to Ali – may Allah be pleased with him.
  • When the Muslims retreated to Mount Uhud (where the infidels cannot reach the mountain).
  • The army of the infidels withdrew and fled from the area, and many bodies of those killed in the battle were buried on the same side.
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What happened when Muslims were weak and confused after the infidels attacked them?

  1. Allah Almighty has singled out the believing sect in the battle of Uhud with blessed and great signs.
  2. Just as He singled out the Prophet Muhammad with amazing miracles.
  3. Which was a source that helped the believers to persevere despite their defeat.
  4. And to strengthen them in this ordeal despite their small number and a large number of their enemies.
  5. When the anguish increased on the believers, and the confusion and fear of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah be pleased with them, increased from the results of this battle.
  6. Chaos arose between them, and what came to them came from fatigue and distress, Allah Almighty cast upon them drowsiness, which is light sleep.

What are the lessons learned from the Battle of Uhud?

  1. At this point, the Battle of Uhud became a great lesson for Muslims, indeed a difficult lesson to learn.
  2. It also caused many deaths among Muslims.
  3. Because of the pride and greed of these archers, he made them reckless in battle.
  4. It also taught Muslims to never give in to their pride, to always be humble, and to obey the commands of their leaders.
  5. Whether their leader is the Prophet Muhammad or other Muslim leaders.
  6. For they learned that what they did was the evil of greed.
  7. Although they had to have the necessity of discipline and the necessity of humility.

What did we learn from one’s invasion?

The Battle of Uhud is a battle that took place between Muslims and the Quraish tribe on the seventh Saturday of the month of Shawwal in the third year of migration.

Muslims believe that the result of the Battle of Uhud is learning the obligation to obey the Prophet Muhammad, vigilance, and preparation and that Allah wanted to test the hearts of the believers and expose the hypocrites so that the Prophet Muhammad would warn against them.

What is the reason for the defeat of Muslims in the Battle of Uhud?

The reason for the Muslims’ defeat in the Battle of Uhud was the disobedience of the Companions to the orders of the Prophet Muhammad when he ordered them to stay on the mountain.

But when they saw the spoils left by the Muslims, they were deceived and thought that they had defeated the polytheists.

And they were divided into two groups, a group that left the mountain and descended, and their number was large, and a small number of the Companions were the ones who remained firm.

Who won the battle of one?

One of the most difficult days in Islamic history is the day of the Battle of Uhud, the battle in which, despite the superiority of Muslims at first, things changed upside down.

The Muslims were defeated, and the Lion of Martyrs, Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib, the uncle of the Prophet, was martyred.

And the polytheists gained the resolve of the Companions by launching the rumor that the Holy Prophet had been killed.

What are the lessons learned from the Battle of Tabuk?

Delivering a strong message to the Romans and the Arab tribes hostile to Islam about the extent of the strength of Muslims who are able to fight an army, regardless of its strength and number.

This prompted many Arab tribes to declare their Islam and unite under the banner of Islam.

Allah repentance – Glory be to Him – on behalf of everyone who confessed his sin and was truthful with his Lord. This is evident in the story of the three who were left behind.

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What are the lessons learned from the Battle of Hunayn?

The necessity of relying or reliance on Allah, and avoiding vanity, whether due to a large number of Muslims or weapons, as victory always comes from trust in Allah Almighty.

The stability of the position of the Prophet, peace, and blessings of Allah be upon him.

And the Muslims with him on the battlefield were due to the grace of Allah Almighty, and that was great merit in the return of the Muslim armies to fight again.

What are the lessons learned from the Great Battle of Badr?

Among the most prominent lessons and lessons that can be learned from the Battle of Badr, the Prophet Muhammad’s adoption of the principle of shura.

He did not want to take unilateral decisions, although he is supported by victory and victory from his Lord.

However, he called the senior companions and consulted them to find out the appropriate plan and appropriate procedures.

Who won in the Battle of the Trench?

The victory of the Muslims, the defeat of their enemies, their division, and their return, defeated by their anger, have dashed their hopes and hopes.

The situation changed in favor of the Muslims, so they switched from a position of defense to an attack, and the Prophet Muhammad indicated that when he said: “Now we invade them, and they do not invade us, we are marching to them.”

What do we gain from the Battle of Khaybar?

Istibra is to be purified from one menstrual cycle only, and she does not have to wait for the waiting period, even if she is married to an infidel, whether he dies or remains alive.

Because the waiting period is the fulfillment of the dead husband and mourning for him, and he does not have a punishment for the infidel as you know.

How many Muslims were in the Battle of Badr?

The number of Muslims in the Battle of Badr was three hundred and fifteen men, with them were horsemen and seventy camels.

The Quraysh army numbered one thousand men with two hundred horses, that is, they constituted almost three times the Muslim army in terms of number.

Did the Prophet participate in the Battle of Badr?

On this same day, the seventeenth of Ramadan, in the second year of the Noble Prophet’s migration.

Where the Great Battle of Badr took place, one of the battles in which the Prophet Muhammad and his honorable companions participated, may Allah be pleased with them all.

It is the battle in which truth triumphed over falsehood, and the Muslims won a decisive victory, and it was a conquest of Islam and its people.

What are the causes and consequences of the trench incident?

There are a number of reasons that led to the Battle of Al-Ahzab.

We found them during a research work on the causes and consequences of the Battle of the Trench, including:

The Jews of Khaybar violated the treaty of the Prophet Muhammad and tried to kill him.

So he ordered them and the Prophet besieged them for 5 days until they found no escape from defeat. And they surrendered to the Prophet and his companions.

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