How many times bismillah repeated in Quran?


How many times bismillah repeated in Quran? “In the name of God the most merciful, the compassionate” is Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim (Arabic: بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم)and in fact, it was repeated in Quran only one time in surah Naml the verse number 30, and the scholars of the Quran are not concurred about if Basmalah is a verse of Quran, or it was only revealed to announce the endings and beginnings of chapters, but there is no dispute that bismillah (Arabic: البسملة )is revealed from Allah.
The most accurate Islamic jurisprudence opinion about Mentioning Basmala at the beginning of each surah was to announce the ending of chapters and the beginnings of the others, and the reciting of Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim at the beginning of each chapter of the Quran is Sunnah, not Mandatory.\
And if we counted al basmala at the beginning of the chapters of al Quran, the number of Basmala will be 114 times.

What is bismillah?

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim is an Arabic term that means “in the name of God the merciful, the compassionate”

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Bismillah al rahman al rahim meaning, is The beginning of every single action in our daily life or our worship, is an Islamic expression that means we are beginning everything by the name of Allah, and every action began with the name of Allah is protected from the devil and his servants.
In the name of Allah, we will start all our actions, eating, learning, and even playing and all the other permissible actions that we could do or say.

Bismillah meaning

This is an Arabic Phrase, and bismillah in Arabic means the Following:
Bi: this is an Arabic preposition that means “by” or “In”
Ism: that word means name
Allah: the name of the almighty God, that includes the whole prestige, glory, and the entire power.
Bismillah means that we begin before starting any action or saying with the name of Allah, seeking his mercy that encompasses everything, and to ask the reconciliation and protection of the devil and his servants.

Which surah in Quran has 2 bismillah?

Indeed, it’s from Sulaiman, and indeed it’s in the name of God the most merciful, the compassionate”
This is verse number 30 of surah naml and this is the only verse in the Quran that contains Basmala, so surah Name is the only surah that has 2 bismillah, one at the beginning of the surah, and the other one in the verse number 30.

What does bismillah mean in English?

Bismillah in English means “in the name of Allah”, this is the literal meaning and the intention of those words is seeking help from Allah, in all my states and actions.
For example, if I will begin to eat, saying bismillah, means I’m seeking blessings from Almighty God, asking Him to bless the food that he gives to us and protects our sustenance from Satan.
Before entering our home, we are saying the name of Allah and entering with our right legs, that is what our prophet was doing, and we are following him, here the Satan can’t enter with us.
Before studying, we are starting with the name of our Lord, seeking the blessings of our god in time and reconciliation.

How to use bismillah?

Muslims believe that every permissible thing of action or saying preferred to begin with basmala, that’s our deep faith, and following our beloved prophet peace and blessing be upon him, and here we will mention when we could say bismillah:
1- Before the beginning of each chapter of the Quran, except for surah al Tawba.
“And do not eat from what, the name of Allah wasn’t mentioned on it” this is a part of verse number 121 of surah An’am, and the Tafseer of this verse that we couldn’t eat from slaughter without mentioning the name of Allah on it.
“Say Bismillah, eat by your right hand, and eat from what is next to you” this was narrated by Omar Ibn Abi Salama may Allah be pleasing with him and pleased him, about our believed prophet peace be upon him.
That means we should say Bismillah before eating our food, to seek blessing in our sustenance, and keeps our food protected from the devil.
On the authority of Ibn Abbas may Allah be pleasing with him, that the Prophet peace is upon him said” if one of you wanted his family to come, and said bismillah, O Allah keep us away from the devil and keep the devil away from what you give to us, if Allah gives him a newborn from that, the devil could never harm him.
That means even marriage and the secret relation between the man and woman, we will need to mention Allah before, to keep us and our offsprings away from the devils.
Following the beloved prophet, peace be upon him, in Sunnah it’s preferred to say bismillah before the beginning of any worship such as ablution, washing, praying, reciting Quran, mentioning Allah, and any other worship.
2- Before getting out of your house or entering it,

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3- before wearing your clothes or putting them down,

4-  all other your life actions saying the name of Allah is the way to show your deep sincerity to almighty God and seek his blessings in all your affairs.

What does bismillah al rahman al rahim mean?

Bismillah al rahman al rahim” Is An Arabic Phrase that means in English“ in the Name of Allah The Most merciful, the compassionate.
Bismillah al rahman al rahim in Arabic is composed of five parts:
The preposition Bi means “in “.
Then Iasm which means name.
And Allah, which means the name of our Almighty God includes all meanings of prestige, glorification, and entire power.
Then the word Al Rahman: is a Superlative expression, this expression is derived from Al Rahma, which means the mercy, and the superlative expression means the Most merciful, his mercy encompasses everything, not only his believers but every creature in this world is under his mercy.
The compassionate: another superlative expression that is derived from the word al Rahma, here the mercy is special to his servants who believe in him and owe him the monotheism.

Which surah has no bismillah?

Surah Al tawba is the surah of the Quran which has no Basmala in its beginning, there are two opinions about the reason for that, but the narrations of the two opinions could be weak, but we will mention them:
The first opinion that there was a narration about Othman ibn afan,when he was asked why surah Anfal and tawba weren’t separated by basmala,

he said the meanings of the two chapters were so close together, and the revelation writers didn’t hear the prophet mentioning al basmala between them,

so they thought they could be one chapter.

The other opinion is about the beginning of the chapter which is talking about innocence from polytheism and the war on them, and this meaning interferes with the meaning of mercy, so it was not mentioned at the beginning of surah tawba.
Surah al tawba was revealed after the war of tabouk when the Muslims were on al haj.

Which sahabi wrote bismillah first?

There was a narration that the first Sahabi who wrote Bismillah was Khaled ibn saed ibn Al aas in mecca, and the first prophet was the messenger of Allah Sulaiman.
And the prophet peace be upon him used to write in the beginning of his prophethood bi ismika Allahuma.

Why do we say bismillah?

We are saying bismillah in all our permissible actions for any reason, and they are:
Following our beloved prophet, peace be upon him, as he was mentioning Allah at the beginnings of all his affairs and Allah commanded us to follow his actions.
As a command of the almighty God, as in the case of slaughter, he forbade us from eating any animal that was slaughtered without mentioning the name of Allah on it.
As a declaration of sincerity to the almighty lord.
To seek his mercy and his reconciliation in all our affairs.
To ask for the protection of Allah from Satan.

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Which surah of Quran has Bismillah twice?

There isn’t any dispute between the Quranic scholars that Bismillah Ar Rahman ar Rahim was revealed from Allah at the beginning of each chapter, many of them concurred that it’s a verse of the Quran, and others went to the opinion that it’s not averse and the evidence of that we can’t mention it loudly in our prayer in the loud ones.
Accordingly, surah naml that contains bismillah in verse number 30 is the only surah that contains bismillah between its verses and before the beginning of the verses of it.

How many bismillah are repeated in Quran?

As we explained before, if we count al basmalah at the beginning of each surah as a part of the Quran, we will count 113 times before all the chapters of the Quran except al tawba and another time in the verse number 30 of surah Naml, so basmala was repeated 114 times in Quran.
But the most accurate opinion is that the revelation of bismillah before the beginning of the chapters was to announce the beginnings and endings of surahs, so we will count only one time in surah Naml.

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“ we begin all our sayings and actions by the name of Allah”
This is the explanation of the Arabic term Bismillah, here we seek the blessings of Allah, and ask his mercy.
Not only in worship, Muslims are using bismillah with deep sincere, and complete Faith that they preferred to begin all their life Affairs with the name of Allah, eating, working, talking, wearing their clothes, and putting them down, you will feel protected and blessed and surrendered to the Almighty Lord who has the entire power, and full mercy not only for his servants but his mercy for all creatures,