lam shamsiya and lam qamariya meaning & rules

lam shamsiya and lam qamariya

The difference between the Laam Shamsiya and lam qamariya depends on reading and writing, and the kamariya and shamsiya lams are in fact called the definition, but they differ in their function according to their presence in the word. not pronounced.

shamsiya in Arabic

The lam shamsiya: It is the Lam that is written and not pronounced while reading, and the letters come after it is stressed or weakened.

lam qamariya in Arabic

lam qamariya letters: It is the lam that is written and pronounced during reading.

lam shamsiya and qamariya 

The lam al shamsiya and the lam qamariya words are the second letter of (al). The definition for this (lam) is a matter of pronunciation. It appears if some letters are pronounced or turned into a letter of the gender of the letter you are conversing with, they are pronounced as a stressed letter.

It came in mentioning the difference between the lamin, that the laam qamariyyah  is static and enters the words without affecting the movement after it, such as the moon,

It becomes the moon, while the shamsiya letters when it enters the word, the aftermath becomes a stressor. Here, we need the intensity, and for example, chefs, and its origin is the sun by decoding the weakness, so the word becomes the sun.

lam shamsiya and lam qamariya meaning

Al to the definition: It is a tool that is added to the nouns, in order to define them, that is, they were indefinite and became knowledge.

And it is one of the ways that we follow in our Arabic language to make the indefinite knowledge known. Be a lam al shamsiya or an Arabic lam qamariya, they differ in several respects, which we will talk about in detail in this article.

The difference between the Laam Shamsiya and the lam qamariya in terms of pronunciation, there is a clear difference between the solar and lunar lams in terms of pronunciation and writing, as:

The differences between two lams in writing

1- The shamsiya Lam: It is written and not pronounced, that is, we put it to make the word known, but we do not notice it when speaking, as we pronounce the hamza and then the letter that follows the Lam, without pronouncing the Lam.

2- The kamariya lam: written and pronounced, that is, we put it to make the word known, and we can notice it in the pronunciation, for it is clear and pronounced as it is.

The difference between the two lams in terms of the effect on the letter

In other words, the lam shamsiya and the lam qamariya letters have a different effect on the letter following each of them, as:

1- The shamsiya letters: When you enter the lam al shamsiya on the word, the letter following it becomes stressed.

2- lam qamariya words: When you enter the laam qamariyyah

on the word, the letter following it is not stressed, and the lunar lam is consonant.

The difference between the solar lam and the lunar lam in terms of the letters that follow it

There are specific letters that insert the laam shamsiya , and specific letters that insert the lam qamariya, and they are:

1- Laam Shamsiya: The following letters come after the Solar Lam (T T D D D R Z S H S Z Z Z Z L), which are combined in the beginning of the words of the following sentence: Visit honorable for generosity), and as we mentioned, these letters are stressed.

2- kamariya: The following letters come after the lunar lam (a b j h h gha q q m hu y) and they are combined in the letters of the following sentence:

lam shamsiya and lam qamariya letters

When adding the lam to the word Shams, it becomes the sun and the word is pronounced (ashmam), meaning that the lam is not pronounced, while when the lam is inserted on the word Qamar, the word Al-Qamar becomes the pronounced (moon).

Meaning that the lam is pronounced and its movement is sukoon. The shmsiya letters, while the letters pronounced by the lam are called lunar letters.

And we have mentioned that there are shamsiya letters and kamariya letters, which are: 

  • the shamsiya letters, which are: [t / th / d / y / r / g / s / sh / r / z / i / y / n / l]
  • The kamariya letters are: [a / b / c / h / k / p / g / q / s / k / m / e / f / j]

lam shamsiya and lam qamariya words

Examples of lam shamsiya

We will enumerate some words that begin with the definition of lam al shamsiya:

  • الظّبي
  • الشّمس
  • الصّف
  • النّعَم
  • الرّب

Examples of the laam qamariyya

We will mention some words that begin with the definition of lam qamariya:

  • البحر
  • الخريف
  • الكتاب
  • الهواء
  • الينبوع

lam shamsiya and lam qamariya examples

In order to clarify the effect of the shamsiya and kamariya lams on the words you enter, let us give an example of each of them and start with the lunar lam, for example, the word (the door).

The lam qamariya words

 entered the word Bab and did not affect the movement of the letter that follows it, and the movement of the lam was the sukoon. The word (the lesson): Here, the solar lam entered and affected it.

So the letter following it (d) became weak, so it is necessary to put stress and to clarify more, as in the word of the lesson is its origin.

We conclude from the above that the lam shamsiya affects the word that is added to it; The letter following the letter lam becomes stressed, while the lunar lam has no effect on the word added to it.

In the end, here we conclude our article, in which we answered a question: The difference between the shamsiya and kamariya lams is a difference in pronunciation and a difference in writing.

Moreover, there are also differences in the letters that follow each of them, and a difference in the effect on the next letter, and we mentioned in detail what those differences are, and we put some examples of Laam Shamsiya and some examples of lam qamariya.

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