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surah al saba

what is the main theme of surah al saba? surah al saba ( Arabic: سورة سبا ) written Surah saba is the thirty-fourth surah in the order of the surahs of the Noble Qur’an, and the number of its verses is fifty-four. 

Saba surah is one of the Meccan surahs, except for the sixth verse, which is Madani, and It was revealed after Surah Luqman, both in what is sown in the earth and what grows in it.

As it mentions Allah’s threat to the skeptics and argues with the verses of the Noble Qur’an with punishment on the Day of Resurrection, and setting the example of the bad people who used to worship gods other than Allah.

And the surah mentions the accident of the collapse of the Ma’rib Dam and remembers David and Solomon – both of them, and some Topics related to life after death and resurrection, and in this article, the reason for the revelation of surah al saba will be mentioned.

why was surah saba revealed?

The reason for the revelation of surah as saba is the occurrence of a story between two partners, where one of them went out to the coast and the other remained. and their poor.” So the man left his business and came to his friend and asked him to guide him to the Messenger – peace be upon him. 

He said to him: Guide me to him, and he was reading books, so the Prophet came and said: “What do you pray for?” He said: To such-and-such. He said: I testify that you are the Messenger of Allah. 

He said: What do you know about that? ? He said: He did not send a prophet but that the most despicable of people, the weak and the poor, followed him. So these verses were revealed, so the Prophet sent to him: Allah has revealed the confirmation of what I said.

what is surah saba about?

The overall purposes of the quran surah saba are the main themes of faith: unifying Allah, believing in revelation, and believing in the resurrection, and the purposes of Saba are detailed as follows:

1- The abolition of the rules of shirk, the greatest of which is the involvement of gods with Allah, and the denial of the Resurrection.

So the Almighty began the surah with evidence of his individuality in the divine, and the divine exile from idols, and denied that idols should be the patron saint of their servants.

2- The greatest focus in The Surah is on the issue of Baath and sanctions.

3- To prove that god’s knowledge is informed of what is in heaven and what is on earth, what he is told is a reality, including proof of resurrection and punishment.

4- To prove the sincerity of the Prophet in what he was told, to believe what the Qur’an says and that the Qur’an was witnessed by the scholars of the People of the Book.

5- Obliging the argument to the deniers of prophecy.

6- Statement of the miracles of David and Solomon upon them.

7- The report of a year of Allah sunnah in his servants, namely that the graces granted by Allah to his servants, but last with thanks to the blessed, but by doing what He has ordered.

And leaving what he has been forbidden from, and guiding his gift, and that graces turn into curses and destruction.

If the man is exposed to the gift of his Lord, by doing what Allah has forbidden from him, and leaving him what Allah has ordered him to do, and his conduct as a way of spoilers, liars, and strays, as happened with the people of Saba.

8- Threatening the polytheists and preaching what has happened to some of the nations that have been involved before, and making them partners for Allah as infidel partners for the grace of the Creator;

9- Warning against the cheating of satan, and that he is an enemy of man.

10- Statement that faith and good work – neither money nor children – are the strength of Allah’s judgment and punishment.

11- A statement that there is no power in the earth or in heaven that is infallible from Allah’s oppression, and there is no intercession for him except with his permission.

12- The spenders and the certified promised to disagree.

13- Preaching to believers in resident bliss.

14- Statement that returning to life after death to remedy what has been missed is impossible.

Kingdom of Saba story

The Kingdom of Saba is an Arab kingdom that originated in the eleventh century BC in the Arabian Peninsula, specifically in Yemen.

And the Kingdom of Saba annexed many kingdoms such as Hadramout and the surrounding tribes to form a huge army and a giant kingdom.

A political system was established, described by modern-day scholars as a federal system, as revealed by the effects of this kingdom’s scientific research and experiments.

It shows the intellectual richness enjoyed by the people of the Kingdom of Saba, and the story of the Kingdom of Saba was mentioned in the Holy Quran when the Queen of Saba Balqis visited the Prophet Suleiman ( peace be upon him).

The ruler of the Children of Israel and their prophet, and the Sabian worshipped the sun, moon, and planets until they were delivered by Suleiman (as) and their civilization was prosperous and rich in all fields where they had a special writing system.

Which is the ruler and this kingdom was the most famous with its dams and commercial methods in the early centuries and Allah knows best.

where was surah saba revealed?

Surah saba is one of the Meccan surahs, as was reported by Ibn al-Mundhir on the authority of Qatada – may Allah have mercy on him.

And it was reported on the authority of Ibn Abbas – may Allah be pleased with them – that it is one of the surahs that were revealed in Mecca, and the number of its verses is fifty-four.

when was surah saba revealed?

Saba surah was revealed before the migration.

surah saba read online

surah saba read online
surah saba read online

why the surah was named Saba?

Surah al saba was named by this name; The story of Saba is mentioned in the verses of the surah, and Saba is the name of a man who has ten children, six of whom went to Yemen, and four went to Syria; 

It is Saba bin Ashjab bin Yarub bin Qahtan, and it is called for most of the people of Yemen; The Qahtaniyah Arabs, whose descendants were the Kings of Sheba. 

Among them, Queen Bilqis; The Queen of Sheba, whose story was mentioned with our master Solomon – peace be upon him – in Surat Sheba, and it was proven on the authority of Farwa bin Masbek – may Allah be pleased with him – that he said:

Allah, tell us about Sheba, what is a land or a woman? He said: He is not a land or a woman, but he is a man who begotten of the Arabs.

is surah al saba makki or madani?

The scholars said that surah as saba, Surat Makiya, except for one verse, which is the words of Allah -the Almighty -: (And those who have given the knowledge that was revealed to you from your Lord is the truth and guides to the sake of the A Madani verse.

And the number of its verses is fifty-four, the number of words in Quran surah saba

is eight hundred and thirty-three words, and the number of letters in its verses is one thousand five hundred and twelve letters. of what we have committed, and we shall not be asked about what you do.”

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In which para is surah al saba?

Surah as saba is located in the twenty-second part of the Holy Qur’an.

What is the meaning of Saba in Quran?

The Saba people, whose name is the Surah, because of the sermons and lessons of their story for the people.

He was the father from whom Saba was raised, and according to the scholars of descent, his name is Saba Abdul Shams bin Ya’ad bin Ya’ar bin Qahtan and the first to be insulted by Arabs.

He was called “Saba” for that, and he is said to be “raish”, because he was giving people money from his belongings. Some genealogists stated that he was a Muslim and that he had human hair in it with the Messenger of Allah.

They did not keep the right of these graces that they enjoyed, disbelieve in the apostles of Allah almighty, ignored his mention, were assured of the world’s life and its grace and thought that they were immortal in it.

They will be safe from Allah’s torment and ability, instead of thanking the graces, which must increase their faith in Allah and surrender to him, and proceed from those positions of power towards further spiritual and moral progress and development.

And present the model of a responsible conscious nation, with a human and civilizational message. The actors and influencers in the history and career of existence, offered, ignored, and arrogantly ignored their responsibilities and duties towards themselves.

Their reality and their succession to the earth, disrupt their natural human faith role, which takes their hands to safety in this world and the hereafter, and their punishment was to deserve torment and destruction.

The story was mentioned by the scholars of interpretation, including His Eminence the interpreter, Mr. Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah (Riz) by saying: “It was for Sabba} an Arab tribe named after the father from which I grew up, saba ibn.

Who denounces Ibn Ya’ar ibn Qahtan as it was said and who lived in Yemen, i.e. their country, any sign that would guide them to Allah and guide them to his worship and care for them in what is overflowing with his grace to the abundance, which they can make a basis for reflection and reflection. 

It leads them to more knowledge of Allah and their association with Him, as imposed by their public and private needs, Allah prepares for people everything related to their existence and the continuation of their lives.

The garden is the orchard of vegetables, fruits, and roses as diverse as its forms, colors, characteristics, and self-elements, in its taste, wind, and view, filling the eye, heart, and life. 

Thus, on the right was an extended orchard covering the entire region, and an orchard extending to the north at the same level.

The words, imaginations, or inspirations of the interpreters varied in the depiction of fresh splendor and abundant graces. These abundant blessings were told to them by the tongue of their Lord, who deposited in their hearts the secret of revelation by faith and knowledge of Allah and thanks to him: 

“Eat from the livelihood of your Lord and thank him} with the word open to his grace, recognized through him, and by the good work in which he embodies his satisfaction and meets in the deep faith sense related to him in all the sites of his grace recognized through him.

And by the good work in which he embodies his satisfaction, and meets in the deep faith sense connected to him in all the sites of his grace, and by the good work in which he embodies his satisfaction.

And meets in the deep faith sense related to him in all the sites of his grace, thanks to him, and to the good work in which he embodies his satisfaction, and meets the deep faith meaning related to him in all the sites of his grace.

In its water, atmosphere, fruits, and smells, in what the meaning of forgiveness suggests from mercy, kindness, and divine tenderness, in which the Lord does not wait for worship to make mistakes until he punishes them, he waits for them to return to him after the mistake to forgive them.

Through this, the verse suggests to people that they can be assured to continue their lives by opening up to the abundant and good graces that Allah gives them, through his mercy, forgiveness, forgiveness, and care for them in all their public and private matters, they are not neglected. 

And they are not lost, because the Lord who created them will not leave them to be lost and will not punish them as long as there is a conscious thanks for grace and movement in the line of faith, and this is the constant moving appeal of every age through their needs to him and opens their lives to His revelation and his law through their deeply conscious faith in his lordship.

They rebelled and used Allah’s grace on his disobedience, moved away from his straight line, neglected Allah’s calculations in their accounts, and closed their ears to hear his sermons.

The people were in a state of delicious relaxation oblivious to everything. The water came from the land of Saba from the valleys of Yemen, and there were two mountains where the water of rain and torrents gathered between them.

They spoiled between the two mountains, and if they needed water, they dug the dam as much as they needed to shed their seed and orchards, and when they lied to their messengers and left Allah’s command, Allah sent a rat who had soaked that rubbing and flooded them with water.

And we replaced them with their two wonderful fruity gardens, and so the gardens turned the green singing into trees that sing nothing, there is only thorns and a little sedation, which is the buckthorn that only a hungry animal or a human being eats.

They were rewarded with what they disbelieved, and did we accomplish anything but kufr because they were not disbelieved from the position of a counter-argument, but from the site of a rebellion that was overwhelming and stubborn.

how to memorize surah al saba?

The style of the mental map of surah saba depends on dividing the verses of the Surah according to their topics, as follows.

Saba surah has fifty-four verses, divided into three main topics, and each major topic has several topics, as follows:

1- From the first verse to the twenty-first verse, the verses speak of the unification of Allah in general, and the details of this:

  • Verses 1-9 talk about proving bath and responding to its deniers.
  • Verses 10-14 speak of Allah’s grace over David and Suleiman.
  • Verses 15-21 speak of the story of Saba and Sil al-Arm.

2- From the twenty-second verse to the 39th verse, the verses generally speak of faith in revelation, as the details of the topics of the verses are as follows:

  • Verses 22-30 speak of the likeness and fate of the polytheists on the Day of Resurrection.
  • Verses 31-33 speak of the polytheists’ refusal to believe in the Qur’an and the dialogue of strays on the Day of Resurrection.
  • Verses 34-35 speak of the nature of luxury and their answer to their messengers.
  • Verses 36-39 speak of the Year of Allah in his servants.

3- From the 40th to the 54th verses, the verses speak of faith in the resurrection.

So the surah is divided into three main sections, all of which focus on complex things, and to preserve the ranks of the verses in their subjects, look at the meanings of words that you do not know, then read a brief explanation of the meanings of the verses, and start memorizing

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After you understand the meanings of the Surah well, divide it according to its themes, read the verses present, more than once until the verses take root in your mind, then start by preserving a verse with a verse, and repeat the verse that you keep with the verse that precedes it.

As additional advice for good and steady preservation, as you start saving, try to keep away from you everything that can distract you, for example, don’t look at the phone while you’re saving to check messages.

Stay away from the noise and sit in a quiet place, and re-save yourself more than once a day, for example, read the verses you saved in prayer, and check you’re saved before bedtime, and at dawn.

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surah saba benefits

Surah al saba included many purposes that show the virtue of the noble surah, and most of these purposes belong to the Islamic faith, such as faith in revelation, the unification of Allah almighty, and the belief in resurrection and dismount, but the virtue of surah as saba can be summarized as follows:

1- It invalidated the rules of shirk, the most important of which is shirk by Allah Almighty, and it invalidated the denial of the Baath and began to deny divinity to idols.

2- Focus on the resurrection, dismount, and punishment.

3- Proof of Allah’s absolute knowledge of what is in the earth and heavens.

4- Obligating the argument to anyone who denies the prophet’s prophecy, peace be upon him.

5- It mentions the miracles of the Prophet David.

6- Reminding the servants that graces last thanks, which is thanking Allah almighty, and threatening those involved with the fate of previous nations, including the Saba people.

7- Statement of the punishment of the righteous servants of Allah and that the worship of Allah almighty and good work is the head of wisdom.

surah saba Tafseer

We will address the Tafseer of Quran surah saba, through the following paragraphs:

1- Thank Allah, who has everything in the heavens and everything in the earth, creation, king, and measure, and he has praised in the hereafter, and he is the wise man in his creation and management, who is an expert in the conditions of servants, from which nothing is hidden.

2- He knows what comes into the earth from water and plants, he knows what comes out of it from a plant and others, and he knows what comes down from the sky from the rain, angels, and livelihoods.

And he knows what ascends in heaven from angels and the works of his servants and their souls, and he is merciful with his faithful servants, the forgiveness of the sins of those who repented to him.

3- Those who disbelieved in Allah said: The hour never comes to us, say to them, O Prophet: Yes, god, to come to you the hour in which you lie, but only Allah knows at that time because he is the greatest scientist who has missed the hour and others.

And he does not lose sight of the weight of the smallest ant in heaven or in the earth and does not miss him smaller than that mentioned and no older, except it is written in a clear book, the saved board in which everything is written to the Day of Resurrection.

4- Allah proved what he proved in the tablet preserved to reward those who believed in Allah and did the good deeds, those who are characterized by those qualities to them by Allah forgive their sins so that they shall not be held accountable for them, and they have a generous livelihood;

5- Those who worked hard to nullify the verses that Allah had revealed, said about them: magic, and they said about our Messenger: priest, magician, poet, those who are characterized by those qualities have the worst and most severe torment on the Day of Resurrection.

6- The scholars of the Sahaba and those who believe in the scholars of the people of the Book testify that what Allah has revealed to you from revelation is the truth that is not passed on, and guides to the path of the dear, who is not dominated by anyone, the one who is blessed in this world and the hereafter.

7- Those who disbelieved in Allah said to each other, in wonder and ridicule of what the Prophet said: Shall we show you a man who tells you that if you are cut and cut, you will be sent alive after your death?

Hadith on surah as saba

It was mentioned in the book of Bab al-Naqul on the causes of revelation, it was mentioned on the authority of Ibn Abi Hatim on the authority of Ali bin Rabah, he said: And I fear that they will turn away from Islam, so I will fight them.” He said, “I have not commanded anything about them yet.” So this verse was revealed.

surah saba summary

Surah saba was revealed to the Prophet, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, in Mecca. In the souls of the believers, and to answer many questions that concern the mind of the newly converted.

Centered around the new religion that is spreading and saba surah contains a lot of information, and every sound mind and heart have not been overwhelmed by misguidance, and everyone with non-blind insight understands it.

Believes in it and comprehends it, and misguidance at the end of Saba is darkness, torment, and intense regret. 

In the end, surah al saba is a great Surah and has great merit as well, and that surah as saba contains many of the basic pillars upon which the true religion of Islam is based, so Muslims must contemplate it and understand its verses and learn lessons to rule from it and from the rest of the Holy Qur’an.