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surah ash shura

what the main theme of surah ash shura? In the Holy Qur’an, one hundred and fourteen noble surahs, and it is divided into Meccan and Medinan surahs. Ash-Shura ( Arabic: سورة الشوري ) is one of the Meccan surahs, and its verses are fifty-three verses.

Surah shura calls for the unification of Allah Almighty and narrates some stories, and its verses are relatively short, its words are strong, its phrases are brief, and it warns against polytheism, as it begins with the letters of the alphabet.

Surah al shura is one of the surahs that focus in particular on the message and the reality of revelation, as the main axis of it is related to revelation and the message in all verses.

surah shura meaning 

Surah ash shura is considered a long surah compared to Surah Al-Mofassal, its verses are fifty-three verses, but these verses caused the length of the entire surah, and that is why the purposes of surah as shura

are also long and numerous.

The purposes of quran surah shura from verses 1 to 15:

The first verses of shura surah

show that, the religion to which the Messenger of Allah – may Allah prayers and peace be upon him – came to him with its rulings, the righteous prophets of Allah before.

And all of it is true, and whoever takes gods besides Allah, then Allah Almighty rewards all A human being according to his work, and if he wanted, he would leave people without an account.

But this leads to the treatment of the human being with the mind, like the rest of the creatures from which the mind is deprived, then the Qur’anic verses deny the polytheists.

To associate them with Allah Almighty, for Allah is the One, the omnipotent over His servants, capable of resurrection and resurrection, and to revive people after her death.

The purposes of  ash shura surah from verses 16 to 31:

These verses indicate that the Book of Allah Almighty is the true Book and that falsehood does not come to it from before it or from behind it.

By all of His servants, He provides for the unbelievers and the believers in this world from Him, but on the Day of Resurrection He singles out those who are guided by the gardens of bliss, and in this, there is a choice for people. Allah is the only one.

but these deserve torment in life and the hereafter, but Allah’s generosity and grace delay the torment for them until the Day of Resurrection, a day when fear and dread will overwhelm them from what awaits them, and the day the believers will be happy in Paradise, where they will abide forever.

The purposes of surah e shura

from verse 32 to 53: 

These verses present some evidence of the greatness of Allah the Creator, such as ships that run in the sea, and the winds that move by the command of Allah Almighty.

Those who believe in forbearance, determination, pardon, and forgiveness, and one of their characteristics is that they do not accept humiliation.

And that they forgive when they are able to forgive, and there is no blame or blame on the one who faces aggression in the same way.

surah shura read online

surah shura read online
surah shura read online

why was surah shura revealed?

Some verses of the Noble Qur’an were revealed for certain reasons; Some of them were accompanied by events, facts, and reasons that were a reason for the revelation of those verses.

In some verses of al shura surah, they had a special reason for their revelation, and the following is a statement of those verses with the reasons for their revelation:

  • Allah – the Highest – said: (Say: I do not ask you for a wage for it, but love in kinship) This verse was revealed after some of the companions of the Ansar decided to collect money for the Messenger of Allah.

So they gathered them and prayed to the Prophet – they saw that they prayed. its need to fulfill rights, and that it is a gift to them; Because it was the reason for their guidance.

So this verse was revealed to inform them that the Messenger of Allah – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him – does not seek from his call to collect money.

 And in another narration that this verse was revealed after the polytheists claimed that Muhammad – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him – receives wages and money in return for his invitation.

  • Allah Almighty said: (And if Allah is the ritual of his servants, they would have been overwhelmed by the earth, but it is revealed with the amount of what he wants). Their world and to enrich them like them, the verse was revealed.
  • Allah Almighty said: (And there was no human being that Allah spoke to him except a living or from the back of a veil or to send a messenger.

And he will be revealed by the authority of Allah – He looks at him directly, as Allah – the Highest – spoke to Moses – peace be upon him – and they stipulated that for their faith, so Allah revealed the verse.

what is surah shura about?

Surah shura has multiple axes, so let us discuss the ideas of Ash-Shura:

  • This surah deals with the issue of belief like all the Meccan surahs, but it focuses in particular on the reality of revelation and the message.

So that it is correct to say that it is the main axis with which the whole surah is linked, and all other topics in it are based on that main reality in it.

  • Although the surah expands by talking about the reality of oneness and presents it from multiple sides, it also talks about the reality of the Resurrection and belief in it, and the afterlife is mentioned in several places.
  • It also deals with the presentation of the characteristics of the believers and the morals that they are distinguished by.
  • He also addressed the issue of sustenance: its expansion and control, and the human condition in prosperity and adversity.
  • However, the reality of the revelation and the message remains the prominent reality in the vicinity of the surah, as if all other topics are promoted to strengthen and confirm that first reality.
  • And the context of the surah proceeds in presenting that fact, and the accompanying other topics in a way that calls for more reflection and observation.
  • It is presented from multiple sides. They are separated from each other by a few verses that speak of the oneness of the Creator. 

Or the oneness of Raziq. Or the oneness of the actuator with hearts. Or the oneness of the one who disposes of the destiny

  • That is while the talk about the reality of the revelation and the message tends to determine the oneness of the revealer – Glory be to Him – and the unity of the revelation and the unity of belief. Unity of curriculum and method. And finally, the unity of human leadership under faith.
  • And then the line of unity is clearly drawn in the soul, with its various meanings, its various shades, and its various revelations, behind all the themes of the surah.

where was surah shura revealed?

Surah al shura was revealed in Makkah Al-Mukarrama.

when was surah shura revealed?

The revelation of the verses of surah ash shura began in the eighth year after the mission, and scholars believe that its revelation continued until the ninth year of the mission.

why the surah was named Ash-Shura?

surah as shura was called by this name because, it focused on the principle of consultation among the members of the ummah, the necessity of unifying the word and unanimity of opinion, and because it clarified the position of shura in Islam.

And taught the believers how their lives are based on the shura approach because of its great impact on the lives of individuals and societies, as Allah Almighty says in quran surah shura is called Surat Ham, and Surat Asaq because it begins with these letters.

is surah al shura makki or madani

Shura surah is a Meccan surah by agreement.

In which para is surah ash shura?

Ash shura surah is located in the twenty-fifth part of the order of the Noble Qur’an.

surah shura benefits 

Several hadiths were mentioned in explaining the virtues of Ash-Shura, including:

  • What was narrated on the authority of Al-Muhallab bin Abi Sufra, that he heard the Prophet – may Allah prayers and peace be upon him – say:

As it was narrated on the authority of Abdullah bin Omar – may Allah be pleased with her – that he said: “A man came to the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and said: Recite me, O Messenger of Allah. my tongue, he said: So recite from the same ham.

Hadith on surah ash shura

Among the hadiths that came in surah shura are the following:

  • It was mentioned in the reward of deeds p. 142. On the authority of Abu Abdullah, peace be upon him, he said: (Whoever recites “Hams Asaq ” will be resurrected by Allah on the Day of Resurrection with his face like snow or like the sun. 

Until he stands before Allah Almighty, He says: My servant has been reciting “Hams Asaq ” and you did not know what its reward is. 

But if you knew what it is and what its reward is, you would not be bored of reading it, but I will reward you for your reward. Enter him into heaven and he has a palace made of red rubies, its doors, honor and stairs. 

Inwardly, inwardly from outward, and he has a Hawrah of Hoor al-Ain, and a thousand slave girls and a thousand boys from immortal children, whom Allah Almighty described).

how to memorize surah ash shura

You can follow the mental map of surah e shura in order to master the memorization of al shura surah well:

  • From verse 1 to verse 6: the unity of the revelation of the messengers.
  • From verse 7 to verse 9: The Qur’an is its function and people’s attitude towards it.
  • From verse 10 to verse 16: Trust in Allah, unity of religion, and integrity.
  • From verse 17 to verse 19: Proving the Hour of Resurrection.
  • From verse 20 to verse 27: The reward for the believers and the unbelievers.
  • From verse 28 to verse 36: Allah’s way of worshiping and His power.
  • From verse 39 to verse 46: From the characteristics of the believers and the end of the unbelievers.
  • From verse 47 to verse 53: Proving the resurrection and the types of revelation.

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surah shura in english 


surah shura in english 


surah shura in english 


surah shura summary

Surah al shura is considered a Meccan surah, which was revealed in Makkah Al-Mukarramah to the Messenger of Allah – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him. Al-Mathani,

surah ash shura verses are 53 verses, and it is the forty-second sura, which is located in the twenty-fifth part and the forty-ninth part, and surah as shura is one of the pigeons.

In conclusion, our article dealt with what is related to quran surah shura, starting with the reason for the revelation of shura surah and ending with the merit of this surah, in addition to the hadiths of the Prophet that were codified in ash shura surah.