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surah luqman

Before addressing reflections on surah luqman, the Surah must be defined, as luqman surah is one of the Meccan Surahs, as most of the commentators.

Including Ibn Abbas – may Allah be pleased with them, said that all of its verses were revealed in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, and the number of its verses is thirty-four.

And the order of surah e luqman thirty-one according to the surahs of the Ottoman Qur’an, and the fifty-seventh according to the revelation, as it was revealed before Surat Sheba, and after Surah Al-Saffat.

why was surah luqman revealed?

The polytheists of Quraish came to the Prophet – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him – once and asked him about the story of Luqman with his son, and about his righteousness to his parents.

So ya bunayya surah luqman was revealed, and this is the overall reason for the revelation of the surah, but some verses in them contain a reason for revelation specific to them as it will come:

The reason for the revelation of a verse: And among the people are those who buy idle talk.

What is meant by amusement talk in the holy verse? There was a man named Al-Nadr bin Al-Harith who sent a merchant to Persia, and he would go back to him with stories and news of the Persians.

 Al-Nadr would come and say: “Muhammad tells you the hadiths of Aad and Thamud, and I am telling you the hadiths of Rustam and Esfandiar and the news of al-Akasrah.”

He leads them astray from listening to the Qur’an, so the Almighty’s verse was revealed:

Some of the people of knowledge said that it was revealed about the purchase of singers, as was reported by Ibn Abbas.

The reason for the revelation of a verse: And if they strive to make you associate with Me

When Saad bin Abi Waqqas – may Allah be pleased with him – embraced Islam, his mother swore that she would abstain from eating and drinking.

And that she would not enter a house until the religion of Muhammad – may Allah prayers and peace be upon him – was expiated.

So the saying of Allah Almighty was revealed: So do not obey them ۖ and accompany them in this world with kindness.}

The reason for the revelation of a verse: And follow the path of those who turn to me

This speech was revealed in the verse to confirm the companion Saad bin Abi Waqqas on the true religion, and to follow the Prophet – may Allah bless him and grant him peace – after his mother tried to keep him away from this religion.

The reason for the revelation of a verse: Even if there were pens on the earth from a tree

When the Prophet, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, migrated to Medina, some of the Jewish rabbis came to him and said to him.

The saying of Allah in the Qur’an: {And you were not given any knowledge but a little}, contradicts the other saying: {And the Prophet came to Allah, may Allah prayers and peace be upon him.

It is little in Allah’s knowledge, so Allah Almighty revealed His saying: {And if on earth it was from a tree of pens, and the sea extends it in its dimension seven kilometers.}

The reason for the revelation of a verse: Allah has the knowledge of the Hour

The reason for the revelation of the verse is a man named Al-Harith bin Amr, and Al-Qurtubi indicated that his name is Al-Warith bin Amr, he came to the Prophet – may Allah bless him and grant him peace.

And asked him: When is the hour? Our country has been fertilized, so when will it be fertilized? I left my woman pregnant, so what do you give birth to? What will I gain tomorrow? 

In which land shall I die? So the Almighty said: {Allah has the knowledge of the hour, and he will descend the absurdity, and he knows what is in the merciful.

what is surah luqman about?

Surat luqman has included many different topics, among which we mention the following:

1- Description of the Noble Qur’an Allah Almighty said at the beginning of Surat Luqman

(Palm * These are the verses of the Wise Book * guidance and mercy for the doers of good), and four sayings were mentioned in the interpretation of the previous verses.

It was reported on the authority of Yahya bin Salam that the wise book is the Qur’an, whose verses and meanings were made clear, including what it included in explaining the matters of the permissible and the forbidden.

And other rulings, as a saying was mentioned on the authority of Ibn Shajarra that the wise book is the Qur’an whose verses are perfect and true, and there is no falsehood in them.

As for the statement of Allah – the Highest – in describing the Holy Qur’an as: “Guidance,” it was explained by two sayings; Ford on the authority of al-Sha’bi.

The Noble Qur’an guides from misguidance and temptation, and Yahya bin Adam said that it guides the people and guides them to Paradise by taking the path that leads to it.

Allah also described the Qur’an as: “a mercy”; That is, the Qur’an contains mercy. With the prohibition, it includes deserving the torment.

The mention of both guidance and mercy in the previous verses has been explained in two ways; The first: describing the Holy Qur’an as such, and the second: praising the Qur’an with the verses it contains of mercy and guidance.

As for the words of Allah – the Highest -: “To the doers of good”; Three aspects are mentioned in the interpretation of Ihsan. Ibn Shajarra mentioned the meaning of faith by which a person’s goodness to himself is achieved.

And al-Hasan mentioned that charity is prayer and the connection that Allah – Glory be to Him – has imposed on His servants, and the third aspect by which charity is explained; It is the highest level of faith.

2_ Description of the believers and their reward

Description of the Believers surah luqman ya bunayya dealt in its folds a number of the characteristics of the believers, and the following is a presentation of some of them.

The believers’ establishment of prayer, their giving of zakat, and their belief in the unseen with certainty without doubt or suspicion; Allah Almighty has described His faithful servants as.

They establish prayer; That is, they perform it in the way that Allah willed; By keeping its time, and its pillars, and reverence in it, and abiding by its manners.

They give zakat; that is, they willingly pay it to those who deserve it; In the hope of obtaining the pleasure of Allah – Glory be to Him – and drawing close to Him, they also believe in unseen matters.

The most important of which is the Last Day; Therefore, they adhered to the path of guidance, for they are on the light and insight from their Lord, so they attained success and victory in the promises of Allah that He prepared for the believers in the Hereafter; Entering the gardens of bliss.  

3_ Obedience to the command of Allah Almighty.

The adherence to what he commanded of the laws, the cessation of what he forbade, and the heart’s sincerity in faith. i.e. the covenant from Allah; By keeping them away from torment, and protecting them from it.

4_ The reward of the believers

Allah Almighty said in Surat al quran surah, remembering the reward of the righteous believers: (Those who believe and do righteous deeds have the gardens of the righteous.

He is bound by it, as Allah will honor him by making him enter the gardens of bliss. Where he enjoys it and does not despair, and he is immortal in it and does not perish, and he fluctuates in the various types and forms of bliss.

5_ Description of the unbelievers and their reward

Allah – Glory be to Him – mentioned in surah luqman the attributes of the unbelievers, and their reward for those actions, and the explanation of that in the following: misleading the unbelievers from the path of Allah.

As they used every means to block the path of Allah and prevent people from following the guidance, Al-Nadr bin Al-Harith was traveling to Persia to buy their books, bring them to the Muslims, and tell them what was mentioned in them.

They are occupied with these hadiths about true speech and with the stories contained in those books about the stories contained in the Book of Allah, such as the stories of Aad, Thamud, and the previous peoples.

6_ They argue with the believers without knowledge.

Despite the clarity of the evidence and the brightness of the evidence to prove the oneness of Allah, the unbelievers insist on arguing with the people of truth without the knowledge they rely on.

Or an argument with which they argue. Allah Almighty said, describing their condition: the earth and He has bestowed upon you His bounties, outward and inward.

7_ Luqman’s advice to his son

Luqman surah included a number of commandments that Luqman recommended to his son, some of which are explained as follows: the prohibition and rebuke of polytheism; Forbidding polytheism, which is the greatest of all sins, was the first will of Luqman to his son.

He also urged him to unite and worship Allah; Since the worship of Allah alone is the basic task of man in the life of this world, Allah did not create mankind and the jinn except to worship Him.

He – the Highest – said: (And when Luqman said to his son while he was admonishing him, “O my son, the most merciful is the most merciful of you.”)

8_ The urge to honor one’s parents

Luqman was sympathetic to the call to abandon polytheism by urging people to honor parents, which indicates the association of monotheism and worship with righteousness and kindness to parents. 

Because of their great status and exalted status, Allah – Glory be to Him – has singled out the mother with kindness and righteousness.

What she suffers during pregnancy and childbirth of suffering and hardship, and what she also goes through of effort and trouble in the custody of the child, and all of this calls for showing kindness and leniency to them.

9_ Violating the commands of creation if following them is disobedience to the Creator.

There is no obedience to a creature in any matter that violates the commands of Sharia, no matter how high and rank that creature is, even if it is one of the parents.

While emphasizing the necessity of accompanying them with kindness and charity. And accompany them in this world kindly, and follow the path of those who turn to me, then to Me you will be returned, and I will inform you).

10_ The Exhortation to Fear Allah

Surah e luqman included the exhortation of the necessity of fearing Allah; Because the slave will receive great rewards on the Day of Resurrection.

And the intercession of any of his relatives will not benefit him. That is why a Muslim should not be weak from preparing for that day.

With the hopes of the soul, or with what Satan throws in his heart from the whispers, or with what the worldly life decorates from cabarets.

And temptations. The promise of Allah is true, so do not be deceived by the life of this world, and do not be deceived about Allah by deception.

where was surah luqman revealed?

The commentators unanimously agreed that ya bunayya surah luqman was revealed to the Messenger, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, inside the holy Mecca.

when was surah luqman revealed?

Surat luqman was revealed before Surat Sheba and after Surat As-Saffat. And the number of verses is 34 verses.

why the surah was named Luqman?

The reason for naming surah luqman ya bunayya with this name is due to the mention of Luqman the Wise in it, and a reference to his story and his discipline for his son.

what is the main theme of surah Luqman?

Al quran surah luqman included disparagement of those who mock Allah’s words and His verses and distract them from disobedience and sins from the remembrance of Allah Almighty

The surah dealt with the subject of belief and the unification of Allah Almighty and praise for His ability and greatness of creation.

The surah included the commandments of Luqman the Wise to his son, and it is one of the great commandments that are valid for every time and place.

The surah mentioned the punishment and punishment for the unbelievers who deny the revelations of Allah.

Luqman explained the nature of the human soul and how when evil touches it, it supplicates to Allah Almighty, and when Allah reveals this badness to it, it either returns to disobedience or clings to the rope of Allah and His guidance.

The surah dealt with the characteristics of the Islamic religion and that it is the only religion with Allah Almighty.

It was a relief from the Messenger and reminded him that there are faithful and patient believers who still cling to the religion of Allah and the religion of His Messenger.

Surah luqman responded to those who deny Allah’s ability and that His words are not implemented and that all phenomena in the universe indicate Allah’s ability in resurrection and resurrection.

luqman surah showed the importance of piety and that it is the basis of people’s preference for Allah, not form, race, or position, and that the closest people to Allah are the most pious and righteous.

It was made clear that the entire unseen is in the hands of Allah, and only He knows it.

is surat luqman makki or madani?

Surah e luqman is one of the Meccan surahs of the Qur’an, as was reported by al-Bayhaqi in al-Dala’il, Ibn al-Dharis, and Ibn Mardawayh, on the authority of Ibn Abbas – may Allah be pleased with them both, and al-Nahhas was transmitted in his history.

And on the authority of Ibn Abbas also that it was revealed in the honorable Mecca with the exception of three verses of it.

They are the last three of the surah that is shown by the words of Allah -the Almighty -: (And if only in the land, from a tree of a roll, and the sea extends it after a seventh of the seven of the sails of the time of Allah).

In which para is surat luqman?

Ya bunayya surah luqman is located in the twenty-first part.

how to memorize surat luqman?

Surat luqman contains many values ​​that every Muslim needs alike, so we will mention some tips that will help you dear Muslim to memorize the image well:

  • Choosing the right place: Before you start saving the image, you should choose a quiet place to start saving, as this helps you remember well.
  • Repeating the surah after your favorite sheik: This method helps you to master memorization by 80%, all you have to do is start listening to the image in the voice of your favorite sheik.
  • Continuous review of the surah: You may be successful in saving the image quickly, but on the other hand, you may have difficulty remembering it again, due to neglecting the revision aspect of memorizing.
  • Choose the right time: Select the time that is right for you, practice saving the image, and to get good results, it is best to install the time allotted to save every day.

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surah luqman benefits

Among the positive effects of surah luqman on the practical life of a Muslim:

1_ Being keen on honoring one’s parents, as their righteousness is associated with the oneness of Allah Almighty, unless they call for associating partners with Allah or what angers Him, Glory be to Him.

2_ Being keen on constantly reflecting on the extent of the power of Allah Almighty, who encompasses everything with knowledge.

3_ Be careful to adhere to the costs of the Islamic faith, represented in enjoining good and forbidding evil.

4_ the care that the slave observes himself; His actions, his words, his movements, and his dwellings.

5_ Make sure to perform prayer.

6_ Be careful to bear the hardships of advocacy, and enjoining good and forbidding evil.

7_ Being humble with people and avoiding all manifestations of arrogance and arrogance.

8_ Being keen on establishing a Muslim family as the first building block in inculcating Islamic values.

9_ Be careful to direct the children to goodness, as the parents are responsible for the deviation of their children if they fall short in a proper upbringing for them.

10_ Be careful to combine faith with good deeds, for good deeds are a translation of what is in the heart of faith.

surah luqman lessons

Luqman surah began by mentioning the characteristics of Luqman and introducing him, and among the qualities that were mentioned in him is that he was wise and righteous.

And of sound mind. To notify the reader of the value of these commandments and their issuance by a person who is emulated.

Luqman used the wise method of preaching in a way that feels the great care that the preacher bears towards the preaching, so the advice enters the heart with greater effect. The following is a presentation of these tips in order and priority:

1_ Not to associate with Allah: This commandment came in the first place to show its importance because whoever worships other than Allah will have a great loss.

And he will have moved away from the purpose for which man was created; It is the worship of Allah Almighty, and he explained after the commandment that the reason for it is to clarify that polytheism is a great injustice.

2_ Kindness to parents: This commandment came after the commandment not to associate with Allah and in many places in the Holy Qur’an.

The mention of honoring one’s parents is associated with worshiping Allah alone and not associating with Him; The Almighty said: {And your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him and that you be kind to your parents.}

Luqman singled out the mother with his will, and explained the fatigue she suffers in her pregnancy and custody of her children, and after this Luqman set the limits for obedience to parents.

Obedience to them is not in disobedience to Allah Almighty and violating His command, and he concludes the will by specifying that those who deserve companionship are those who worship Allah and obey Him sincerely.

3_ Observing Allah’s limits: Luqman al-Hakim advises his daughter to stand by Allah’s commands and prohibitions, and that oversight should come from within regardless of external oversight. 

This is one of the best scientific methods in which the principle of developing self-censorship is adopted more than relying on external oversight.

Because any person is able to violate the laws in the periods he spends alone, without this violation being detected, the offender remains unaccounted for.

4_ Establishing prayer: Luqman urges his daughter to commit to worship, especially prayer, as it is one of the most important acts of worship that is distinguished by performing it more than once a day.

5_ Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil: Luqman al-Hakim advises his son to enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong because this will strengthen his awareness and make him fully aware of what he commands or forbids.

And he is able to assume responsibility and to be carrying society’s concerns among his priorities, and his goal in life is to positively influence and reform society.

Then Luqman warns his son that this path is not easy and will have consequences and problems for which he must be patient.

6_ Not being condescending to people: After Luqman, the Wise completed his commandments related to worship.

He moved to a new type of commandment related to the methods of dealing with people, the Almighty said: {And do not turn your cheek to people.

Torticollis is a disease that affects camels that causes a twisting of the neck, and in this verse a metaphor for arrogance and arrogance over people, and that this rejected act is a disease that afflicts the human soul, and is similar to the disease that affects camels.

This is an indication that this method is not appropriate for humans and is an animal behavior that the animal uses if it has a disease, then Luqman the Wise repeats his will not to be arrogant towards people, and this is an indication of the seriousness of this act.

7_ Moderation: The Almighty said: {And aim in your walking}. In this commandment, Luqman the Wise advises his son to be moderate in all matters, and he singled out the mention of moderation by walking; It means moderation in all walks of life.

Perhaps it indicates that walking slowly can expose a woman to temptation, such as looking at taboos and others. Lower the voice: This commandment indicates the need to strengthen self-confidence, respect others, and not raise the voice.

surah luqman tafseer

Surah e luqman has many meanings and lessons, which we will explain below:

Tafseer of verses 1 to 5

Ya bunayya surah luqman begins by talking about the Qur’an and the characteristics of the believers.

Tafseer of verses 6 to 7

These verses were revealed in al-Nadr ibn al-Harith – one of the infidels of Mecca – when he bought a singer at the beginning of the Islamic call.

And he would send his singer to those who wanted to enter Islam and tell them to sing for him and feed him so that he knows that this singing is better than what Muhammad calls.

The meaning of these verses is that some people buy idle talk; It is the false speech that distracts from Allah – the Highest – such as singing and amusement.

To mislead others from the religion of Allah and make the verses of Allah a subject for ridicule and ridicule, for those will have a bad end, and they will be tormented with a torment that humiliates and despises them.

Among the characteristics of what is meant by these verses and their likes is that when he hears the words of Allah, he turns away from them.

Becomes arrogant, and becomes arrogant, as if in his ears there is deafness and disease that prevents him from hearing them.

Tafseer of verses from 8 to 10

As for those who combined the worship of the inner with their faith and the outward worship of Islam and their righteous deeds.

They have the gardens of bliss as a reward for them, and this is the promise of Allah – the Mighty and Sublime – who does not change and does not change, for He – Glory be to Him.

Is full of honor and wisdom, and from His Might and Wisdom is that He writes success and failure according to His knowledge and wisdom.

Tafseer of verses 11 to 13

These verses show evidence of Allah’s power in his creation.

Tafseer of verses 14 to 24

These verses included Luqman’s commandments to his son.

Tafseer of verses 25 to 32

Surat luqman shows that Allah’s signs and evidence of His power are proof against the unbelievers.

Tafseer of verses 33 to 39

These verses show through the signs of Allah Almighty in the universe.

Tafseer of verses 40 to 42

At the end of surah luqman ya bunayya, Allah Almighty calls upon His servants to hold fast to the faith.

Hadith on surah e luqman

Among the hadiths mentioned about the virtues of al quran surah luqman:

It was reported in Sahih al-Bukhari, on the authority of Abdullah Ibn Omar, may Allah be pleased with him, that the Messenger of Allah – may Allah prayers and peace be upon him – said:

 “The keys of the unseen are five that Allah knows: No one knows what will happen in tomorrow except Allah, and no one knows what will be in The wombs.

And no soul knows what it will earn tomorrow? Does no soul know in which land it will die? And no one knows when the rain will come.”

surah luqman summary

Surah luqman is the fifty-seventh surah according to the revelation of the surahs of the Noble Qur’an. luqman surah

was revealed after Surah al-Saffat and before Surat Sheba, and its arrangement in the Holy Qur’an is thirty-one, and it is located in the twenty-first part.

Surah e luqman comes after Surat Al-Rum and before Surat Al-Sajdah, which is Meccan and its verses number thirty-four, and on the authority of Ibn Abbas – may Allah be pleased with them – that the surah was revealed all its verses in Makkah Al-Mukarramah.

Ya bunayya surah luqman was named by this name because of the wise Luqman mentioned in it, where his wisdom and the manners with which he is described, and his story included the virtue of wisdom and the secret of knowing Allah – the Almighty – and his attributes.

And in the end, surat luqman is a Meccan surah, it has included many lessons and wisdom, which we explained in detail through the previous article, and to facilitate understanding the image correctly, we have developed the Tafseer of the short.