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Surah Nasr

Why was surah Nasr revealed? Surah Nasr (Arabic: سورة النصر ) written Surah Al-Nasr is a surah from the civil wall that Allah revealed to the messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) in Madinah,

which is from the wall of the joint and the second shortest surah in the Quran after Surah Al -Kawthar, the number of verses of An-Nasr is three verses, which is the tenth Surah after the Hundred.

Surah nasar focused on many things: the victory that means that Allah believers after a great injustice and must ask for forgiveness so much to Allah and thank him for everything and that Allah promised the right at the end and the reward of Allah’s insured patient.

This article is dedicated to talking about the purposes of Surah Al-Nasr and the reason for its descent. A Muslim must render obedience to Allah, and innocent, submit to the Islamic shariaa and not deviate from it even a hair.

Surah Nasr meaning

Surah an nasr is a short surah that carries the glad tidings of the Messenger of Allah(peace be upon him) of Allah’s victory and the entry of people into Allah’s religion in crowds.

And as the Messenger of Allah(peace be upon him), His direction, when Allah’s victory and conquest are achieved, and people gather in his religion, to turn to Allah with glorification, praise, and forgiveness.

At the same time, it reveals the nature of this belief and the reality of this approach, and the extent to which it wants to reach humanity in terms of lofty, dignity, impartiality, purity, freedom, and freedom. This luminous summit, humanity has never reached except under Islam.

At the beginning of the first verse of Nasr surah revelation is given to the establishment of a special perception, the reality of what is happening in this universe of events, based on this suggestion, and it creates a special perception of the truth of the matter is determined like the Prophet (peace be upon him) and those with him about honoring Allah for them, and honor them to achieve victory on their hands, that would is the direction to Allah and praise with praise and seek forgiveness in the moment of victory. Praise and praise what is devoted to them because trustees call them guardians of religion.

On the first human all of the mercy of his victory to his religion, and open it to the Messenger of Allah and the people entering the crowds in this good after blindness and delusion and loss.

Seeking forgiveness from the pride that surrounds the heart or is trampled into it from the intoxication of victory after the length of the struggle, and the joy of victory after the length of the effort.

Then the feeling of inferiority, disability, default, and direction to Allah for pardon and forgiveness This ensures the tyranny of the oppressed and helpless.  For watching the victor of Allah in them. It is the authority over them, and it is Allah’s power to achieve something they want. Victory is his victory, conquest is his victory, religion is his religion, and to Allah, the things will become.

Surah Nasr read online

Surah Nasr read online
Surah Nasr read online

What is the meaning of An-Nasr?

Surah nassr was called al nasr surah, through the word “Nasr” in the first verse. The word “Nasr” means “help” and “support (divine).” surah nasar is arranged in Surah 110 of the Qur’an with three verses.

The origin of the word “An-Nasr” is that victory denotes good and good. And Allah gave the Muslims victory: He gave them victory over their enemy. And he won: he took revenge, and he is from him. That is why rain is called victory, and the earth is victorious, for it is victorious.  “Nasr” is victory and giving.

Surah Al-Nasr includes that:

  • The preaching of good to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), where Allaah preached the victory of Islam and the entry of people into this religion.
  • Allah tells his prophet in Surah Al-Nasr that his time is near, and although the news of the approaching death may be heartbreaking for some, it was a piece of good news for the Prophet that he reached the message and performed his trust.
  • In nasr surah, Allah directs the prophet to return the favor to Allah by asking for forgiveness and praise.
  • Surah Nasar combined conquest and victory, Conquest is the achievement of what is absolutely required, but victory is the cause of conquest, for surah an-nasr began by mentioning victory and the kindness of conquest to victory, as victory is the completion of the Islamic religion, the conquest is the turnout of the world and this is the full Grace.
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Where was surah Nasr revealed?

Al nasr surah was revealed in Al-Madinah.

The arrangement of nasr surah:

Abu Faraj Abdul Rahman bin Ali bin said (and the people of Muslim Ibn Abbas, the last Surah revealed everything), and Muhammad bin Abdul Ghafiqi said (and Obaid bin Abdullah bin Thrill said to me Ibn Abbas: O Ibn Utbah, do you know which Surah was revealed from the whole Qur’an?

Jalal al-Din Abd al-Rahman ibn Abi Bakr al-Suyuti (as Ibn Abi Shaybah and Ibn Mardawayh Ibn Abbas said: I have another Surah from the entire Qur’an {when Nasrallah came and opened it}).

surah nassr is named after its opening with the words of Allah, the Blessed and Most High: When Allah’s victory and conquest come, i.e. a greater victory and glorious victory, which is called the conquest of conquests, this is the conquest of Makkah Al-Mukarramah. It is also called Surat Al-Wadi.

When was surah Nasr revealed?

There were many opinions among the scholars at the time of the revelation of al nasr surah. It was reported on the authority of the companion Abdullah bin Omar bin Al-Khattab – may Allah be pleased with them – that Surat Al-Nasr was revealed in Mina during the Farewell Pilgrimage, and then came down after the Almighty’s saying: eighty days later; Therefore, it is called Surat Al-Wadi’

The great companion, translator of the Qur’an, Abdullah bin Abbas – may Allah be pleased with them both – explained Surat Al-Nasr and said in its interpretation that it is an indication of the approaching and approaching term of the Messenger of Allah – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him -. It has been reported by some scholars that this surah, meaning surah nassr, was revealed after the return of the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him – from the Battle of Hunayn.

Some scholars said that Nasr surah was revealed at the time of the Battle of Khaybar; Then the victory was for the Messenger of Allah – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him – and the great clear conquest on the day of the conquest of Makki.

Why was surah Nasr revealed?

Before talking about the purposes of Surah Al-Nasr, it is necessary to preface by talking about why Surah Al-Nasr was  revealed, and the reasons for the descent of the Qur’anic fence are different, the fence and verses which were not revealed in confirmation of something that happened with Muslims or forbade it,

The incidents that were narrated by Abdullah ibn Abbas-may Allah be pleased with him- He said, ‘Umar was entering me with the elders of Badr, and some of them said,’ Why did you enter this boy with us and we have children like him?’ He said: he who you have learned said: he called them one day and called me with them he said: and I did not see him called me on that day except to show them from me, he said: What do you say in me when the victory of Allah and Conquest comes, and I saw people enter into the religion of Allah in Son of Abbas, are you saying I said: No, he said: ‘What do you say?’ I said: yes, the messenger of Allah(peace be upon him) knows him: if the victory of Allah comes and the conquest opens Mecca, then that is a sign for you: praise the praise of Allah and ask for his forgiveness. He said: “I know nothing but what you know,”

and this Hadith shows that surah an-Nasr came down before the conquest of Mecca, and Allah knows.

Is surah al Nasr Makki or Madani?

Surah al Nasr is Madani, its verses are three, its words are 19, and it is found in the thirtieth part, and its arrangement in the Qur’an is (110).

Surah an Nasr benefits

Surah Al-Nasr has several virtues, and has its application to his practical life, including the following:

  • The virtue of nasr surah was mentioned in a hadith: It was narrated by Imam Ahmad in the Musnad with its meaning, and what came on the authority of Aisha testified to him: “The Messenger of Allah, may Allah prayers and peace be upon him, used to frequently say before his death: (Glory be to Allah and praise be to Him, I seek Allah forgiveness and repent to Him) She said: I said: O Messenger of Allah, you have often prayed. He said: (Indeed, my Lord, the Exalted, the Majestic, has informed me that He will show me knowledge in my ummah, so command me, if I see that knowledge, to glorify Him, praise Him, and seek His forgiveness and that I have seen him and I forgive him.)
  • The door of repentance and forgiveness is open at all times unless the time of acceptance of repentance comes to an end.
  • The Muslim should not drown in the pleasures of this world, he should always be ready to meet with Allah, May he be exalted, and follow up on his sins, and seek forgiveness from Allah for them.
  • The Muslim should give thanks to Allah for every grace, most accurate or great, and thanks are in the tongue, such as praise, forgiveness, and praise, and be in prey by performing good deeds.
  • The Muslims should fight against sin and disobedience and stay away from them, the reward for this is nothing but reconciliation and victory from Allah.
  • The Muslim must trust that the victory of Allah is coming no matter how long corruption prevails.
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Surah Nasr summary

At the conclusion of our talk about surah al nasr, An-Nasr was named in the Quran “Sura If Allah’s Victory and Conquest” came, and this name is relative to the first verse in the Surah.

An-Nasr translates to English as both “the victory” and “the help or assistance”. It is the second-shortest surah after Al-Kawthar. Surah 112 (al-Ikhlāṣ) actually has fewer words in Arabic than Surah An-Nasr, yet it has four verses.

Allah’s victory and the conquest came.” So its name came in the name of the first verse of surah an-Nasr, and it was named in the Qur’an and in some interpretation books by its present name, as Al-Tirmidhi called it in his comprehensive book Surat Al-Fath. Allah only knows.

Surah Nasr tells us that the conquest of Mecca came after many years of damage and harm suffered by Muslims from the infidels, so Allah’s victory over Muslims in the conquest of Mecca make a lot of people walk in crowds in the religion of Allah.

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