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surah sajdah

Surah sajdah ( arabic : سورة السجدة ) is a Meccan surah, except for verses (16:20) and it is civil, from the Mathani, its verses 30, and its arrangement in the Qur’an 32, in the twenty-first part, it was revealed after Surah Al-Mu’minun. 

Al-Baqa’i said about surah as sajdah , “Its purpose is to warn the infidels with this book that is pleasing to the righteous to enter Paradise and be saved from Hellfire.” 

Among the purposes of the surah, is what Sayyid Qutb mentioned in the shadows of the Qur’an: the purpose of confirming revelation and the truthfulness of the Messenger, peace be upon him, in reporting on the Lord of the worlds.

And the purpose of the issue of divinity and its description: the character of creation, The recipe for the measure, the recipe for charity, the recipe for generosity, and the recipe for knowledge.

All of them are mentioned in the context of the verses of creation and composition. The purpose of resurrection and destiny, and then presents a scene from the scenes of the Resurrection: “As the criminals bow their heads to their Lord,” meaning that they declare their certainty in the Hereafter and their certainty of the truth that the call has brought them.

why was surah sajdah revealed?

There is no reason for the revelation of surah al sajdah

in the books of tafseer in its entirety, but its topic was to prove the principles of the belief, like most of the Meccan surahs.

The reason for the revelation of a verse: Their sides avoid their beds

Bilal – may Allah be pleased with him – narrated the reason for the revelation of this verse, and that was when the Messenger of Allah – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him – was sitting in the mosque with his companions. 

Some of them were praying after the sunset prayer until the evening prayer, so Allah Almighty revealed this verse.

Anas bin Malik – may Allah be pleased with him – said that this verse was revealed about the Companions who used to pray from sunset to dinner.

And Al-Tirmidhi reported that the revelation of this verse was waiting for the evening prayer, and it was said that it is the servant’s rise to pray at the beginning of the night.

It was also said that it was revealed about those, who perform Tahajjud and rise at night, to perform prayer from the dead of the night, and this saying is evidenced by what Muadh bin Jabal – may Allah be pleased with him – said: “I was with the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.

On a journey, one day I became close to him as we were walking. O Messenger of Allah, tell me a deed that will admit me to Paradise and keep me away from Hell.

He said: You asked me about something great, and it is easy for the one whom Allah makes easy, you worship Allah and do not associate anything with Him, establish prayer, pay zakat, fast Ramadan, perform the pilgrimage to the House, and then do good deeds.

Water puts out the fire, and the prayer of a man in the middle of the night said: Then they turn away from their beds, supplicating to their Lord until he comes to work.”

The reason for the revelation of a verse: Is he who is a believer like he who is an immoral person?

It was mentioned about the reason for the revelation of this verse, on the authority of Ibn Abbas – may Allah be pleased with him – where he said: Al-Waleed bin Uqbah bin Abi Muait once said to the companion Ali bin Abi Talib.

May Allah is pleased with him: “We are more intelligent than you and simpler in tongue than you, and more complete for the battalion than you.”

The response of Ali – may Allah be pleased with him – to that was that he asked him to keep quiet because he was an immoral person, so Allah Almighty revealed this verse.

where was surah sajdah revealed?

Surah e sajdah was revealed to the Prophet – may Allah prayers and peace be upon him – in Makkah Al-Mukarramah. Hence, it is a Meccan Surah, except that there are verses from it that were revealed in Madinah, which are from the sixteenth to the nineteenth verse.

when was surah sajdah revealed?

Surah sajda was revealed after Surah Ghafir, that is, after the Night Journey and before the migration of the Prophet, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him.

surah sajdah read online

surah sajdah read online
surah sajdah read online

why the surah was named As-Sajdah?

Surah sejadah was called by this name because of what was mentioned in it from the Almighty’s saying: {Only those who believe in Our verses are those who.

When they are reminded of them, fall down in prostration, and glorify the praises of their Lord. Different: the first is the prostration, and the second is the prostration of Luqman, and it is also called Surat Al-Madaja.

what is the main theme of surah as sajdah?

The axis around which it revolves is the subject of the resurrection after the annihilation, about which the polytheists argued and used it as a pretext for denying the Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him. The topics and contents of surah e sajdah were detailed as follows:

1- The Qur’an is a truth revealed by Allah Almighty

Surat al sajdah begins by talking about the extent of the greatness of the Noble Qur’an and emphasizing that this book was revealed from Allah Almighty and that it is a collector of all kinds of good.

And guides to the light, and that there is no doubt about it, it was revealed by the Lord of the worlds, and it is not, as the unbelievers say about it, that it is a fabricated book.

This is an affirmation that the Holy Qur’an is a truth from Allah; To warn people for their guidance. Allah Almighty says: {Download the book, there is no doubt about the Lord of the two worlds * or they say, “He will be broken.”

2- Evidence of Allah’s power in the universe

Sajdah surah dealt with the evidence of the power of Allah Almighty in the universe by talking about Allah’s creation of the heavens.

And the earth and what is between them in six days without being touched by a monument or darkness, and that it is He who manages the matter from heaven to earth.

The verses also confirm Allah’s knowledge of rain and martyrdom, for he is the one who made everything perfect that he created, and he began the creation of man from clay and made him his offspring from degrading water.

Which is semen, then he changed him and breathed into him of his soul and enumerated his blessings upon him as he made him hearing, sight and hearts, and all these blessings are invoked from man. 

To thank Allah Almighty and believe in Him with the right of faith, but the nature of man is ingratitude; So he is a little thankful.

3- The polytheists’ denial of the resurrection and their condition on the Day of Resurrection

When the verses mentioned Allah Almighty’s creation of man from clay, this was an introduction to another topic included in As-Sajdah, which is the topic of resurrection after death.

As the polytheists deny that command by claiming that if they go astray in the earth, there is no way to bring them back, and this is a matter of disbelief in Allah Almighty; Because the true believer realizes that Allah Almighty is the Creator of man from the beginning, so it is easy for him to revive him after death.

The verses emphasized the reality of death, which no one denies, and then dealt with the return to Allah again and the state of the deniers of the Last Day when they bow their heads to their Lord.

And wish to return until they do righteousness, but there is no room for return, for they are entitled to torment and their fate was to taste the torment of what they forgot to meet That day they denied what they used to do from the evils in the life of this world.

4- Signs of faith

Surah ha meem sajdah displays the signs of faith. The true believer is the one who, when reminded of the verses of Allah Almighty, falls down in prostration and praises his Lord without being arrogant.

Because he is fully aware that submission to Allah Almighty is an honor and glory, while submission to His servants is humiliation and humiliation, and the verses also include another sign for the believers.

It avoids their sides from their beds, for they do not rest for comfort, but rather spend the night praying to their Lord in fear and greed.

In addition to spending in the cause of Allah with their complete certainty that Allah will reward them with the best reward for what they did; Because he promised them that.

5- Just punishment in the hereafter

Al sajdah surah spoke about the just part that Allah prepared in the hereafter for His servants, where creation is divided into two categories, and the verse stressed the inequality between creatures.

The first category is the believers who were doing righteous deeds, and Allah has made for them the gardens of shelter as a home for what they were doing righteous deeds in the life of the world.

While the second type of people is the sinners, and Allah has made the fire their shelter, and the verses depict a difficult scene for these sinners, because they face the most severe types of torment.

They try to get out of the fire, and each of those attempts fail and they return to the fire again; It is a just reward for what they were turning away from the signs of Allah.

6- Imamate in religion

One of the important topics that surah sajdah included is the subject of Imamate in religion, as the verses dealt with the giving of the Torah to Moses and making it a guidance for the Children of Israel.

And because of their strong certainty of meeting Allah Almighty, that penalty referred to the disagreement that occurred between the sects and sects about the religion.

Therefore, the verses came to confirm that Allah will judge people on the Day of Resurrection regarding what they differed in.

7- The inevitability of the conquest

Surah as sajdah concludes by talking about the previous centuries and the necessity of taking consideration when walking in their homes and not rushing to conquer; Because it is an inevitable reality, but when it happens, deeds will not benefit; So you must prepare for it now.

And this part of the Almighty said: (Was he not guided to them how many of them are before them from the Qur’an, they walk in their dwellings, for in that, Allah is not.

is surah as sajdah makki or madani?

Surah al sajdah It is one of the Meccan surahs, that was revealed to the Messenger, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, in Mecca, except for verses from verse 16 to verse 20, which were revealed in Medina. 

Its verses are thirty verses, and the number of its words is three hundred and seventy-one, and the number of letters is one thousand five hundred and twenty-eight letters.

In which para is surah as sajdah?

Surah e sajdah is located in the twenty-first part of the Holy Qur’an.

how to memorize surah sajdah?

Memorizing the Noble Qur’an has great merit recommended by the Messenger, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, and on the other hand, some may have difficulty in memorizing Surat Al-Qur’an.

So here are the steps that help you memorize surah sajda well:

when to read surah sajdah?

It is better to recite surah e sajdah at dawn, on Friday, as it is from what the Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, reported.

surah sajdah benefits

Surat al sajdah is considered one of the surahs of great merit, as the Messenger, may Allah prayers and peace be upon him, used to keep reciting it:

1-As Al-Bukhari narrated on the authority of Abu Huraira who said: The Messenger of Allah used to recite at dawn on Friday, “Didn’t the revelation of the prostration come upon man?” The Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.

Says about her: (They prefer every surah in the Qur’an with seventy good deeds, and whoever recites it, seventy good deeds will be written for him, seventy bad deeds will be erased from him, and seventy degrees will be raised for him).

2- On the authority of Jaber bin Abdullah, he said: (The Prophet did not sleep until he recited “The Pain of Revelation” of “The Prostration” and Blessed is He in Whose Hand is the King.”)

And the Messenger, may Allah prayers and peace be upon him, said: There is no way for him.” Ali said: (Whoever recites: “Have you not revealed” Allah will laugh at him on the Day of Resurrection.

Moreover, he will fulfill his every need with Allah and give him to him with every verse he recites in a room in Paradise).

3- On the authority of Abu Abdullah, peace be upon him, he said: “Whoever recites sajdah surah every Friday night, Allah Almighty will give him his book in his right hand.

And he will not be held accountable for what was from him, and he was one of the companions of Muhammad and his family, peace be upon them.” The Prophet, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him.

Said: If he recites this surah, it is as if he had revived the Night of Decree, and whoever wrote it and put it on him would be safe from fever, headache, and joint pain.)

4- On the authority of the Messenger – may Allah prayers and peace be upon him-: (He would not sleep until he recited the revelation of the prostration. 

Whoever wants to be loyal to Allah – the Almighty – should do the work of the Messenger, and obedience to Allah and His Messenger – may Allah prayers and peace be upon him – is obligatory.

Every surah of the Noble Qur’an has merit and reward, even if it does not have great merit. When our Holy Prophet was keen to read it, it is a blessing that we follow his approach to it

surah sajdah tafseer

Tafseer of verses from 1 to 5

The verses of surah ha meem sajdah at its beginning talk about the Noble Qur’an, and deny any doubt about it, warning the people of the Messenger – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him.

Whom no Messenger came before him – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him. The Almighty said: “Pain (1) The book is revealed in which there is no doubt from the Lord of the Worlds (2), or they say that it is unjust, but it is the truth from your Lord so that there is no one who is forbidden.

Tafseer of verses from 6 to 10

Then the surah deals with the talk about the wonderful creation of the heavens, and the earth and what is between them, and the ability of Allah Almighty to manage the affairs of the entire universe.

And refers to the creation of man, which Allah Almighty portrayed and best depicted, and refers to Allah Almighty’s ability to resurrect, referring to the infidels and their denial of the resurrection and their claims that if the man dies, he will not come back to life again.

The Almighty says: “And they said, “If we go astray on earth, are we in a new creation? Rather, they disbelieve in meeting their Lord.” (10)

Tafseer of verses from 11 to 30

Then the verses talk about a comparison between the conclusion of the believers, the conclusion of the evildoers, and the torment of Allah Almighty for the evildoers.

And there is a reference to the reason for the descent of the Torah on our master Moses – peace be upon him – the Almighty said: And in the end, it asks the Prophet – may Allah prayers and peace be upon him – to turn away from the unbelievers and leave them in their arrogance, waiting for the promise of Allah Almighty.

Hadith on surah as sajdah

Among the hadiths mentioned in al sajdah surah are the following, narrated by Al-Bukhari and others on the authority of Abu Hurairah, who said: “The Messenger of Allah used to recite at dawn on Friday, “The Prostration” and “Has it come upon man?”.

surah sajdah summary

As-Sajdah has many purposes, which are: It shows that the Qur’an is from Allah – the Mighty and Sublime – and invalidates the claims of those who say that it is fabricated.

And reprimands them for that, and surah sajdah invalidates the deity of idols, and that Allah is the Creator unique in existence, He created the heavens and the earth.

As surah as sajdah mentioned the Resurrection, and explained how the creation of man began, and that this earth is a blessing from Allah.

He revived it and prepared the ways of its architecture for man. Explaining the characteristics of the believers and praising them, And he promised them a good reward in the hereafter.

Surah al sajdah confirmed the message of the master of creation, our Prophet Muhammad – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him.

With which he guided the entire nation, and that victory for the believers, will inevitably occur, and the defeat of the unbelievers and what will happen to them; their rejection of the religion of truth.

In the end, surah e sajdah is Meccan, its verses are thirty verses, and it is the thirty-second surah according to the order of the Qur’an, and surah sajda begins with the alphabet, and every surah begins with the Meccan alphabet.

Except for Suras Al-Baqarah and Al-Imran; They are two madani, just as surah sejadah

 was not revealed to the Prophet – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him – at once. Rather, some verses had a reason for it to be revealed.