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Importance of Qur’an Learning. The Holy Quran is a divine book in which Allah (s.w.t) has blessed us with a complete code of conduct. Quran includes every aspect of life which a person needs to know about. The best of all education in this world is Qur’an and acquiring it is mandatory for every human being. It is the primary and highly signified learning which is the solution to all problems and issues of our life. Learning Quran is a full time benefiting and comforting work that is worth doing.

Quran learning is a very noble act, which should be performed by every Muslim man and woman. It gives him/her knowledge about all aspects of life, brings near to the Creator, and will be a proof of the rewards of his/her good deeds on the Day of Judgment.

Quran learning is equally mandatory for Muslim men and women. Muslims start learning Quran from the early years of life. The attachment with Qur’an through its learning brings us closer to the Creator, brings Barakah in this worldly life and will be a source of big reward in the hereafter.

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