Meet our happy students & parents.


Alhamdulillah very good teaching method and amazing teachers.

Amna Hussein / United Kingdom

Great communication & are very understanding. I would recommend anyone who’s serious about learning the Deen.

Ramadhan / United States of America

Your service is very accommodating, we are very happy and the children are doing well MashaAllah. May Allah reward you all. Ameen

Yaqub Mariyah / United Kingdom

Teacher Ahmed’s communication and method of teaching really opens up the children to better understanding.

Aiysha Sultana / United States of America

I am very happy with my progress due to an amazing teacher from Top Quran Classes. The prophet said in a Hadith the best among you is who learns the Quran and teaches it. May Allah reward all of the Quran teachers.

Hibbah / United Kingdom