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Quran Importance is unlimited over all aspects. Aside from being a book of guidance like all other books that came before it, the Quran importance can be recognized when one comes to know that it also acts as a proof for the prophethood of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him due to its miraculous eloquence, knowledge of past and future events, sciences, and timelessness.

Christian, Jewish, and Muslim scholars all agree on the fact that the Holy Scriptures and texts of Christianity and Judaism have been a victim of distortion and alteration. The Quran however is different from all other Holy Books because it never has and never will be affected by such impediment as stated in verse nine of Chapter Al-Hijr. This is yet another proof of the importance of the Quran.

Another aspect that highlights the Quran Importance as an exceptional book is the fact that it is the last of its kind and the most complete and comprehensive of all divine scriptures. The Quran is the final and updated version of all heavenly books, the same way Islam is the last religion sent by God for the guidance of mankind.