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Learn Quran online with ease and in simple ways for anyone who wants to learn the recitation of the Noble Quran, as the recitation of the Quran is to extract every letter from its origin, and to give it its right and its due from the attributes and rulings.” Tajweed scholars.

It is obligatory for a Muslim to Learn Quran online

The scholars are unanimously agreed that memorizing the entire Holy Quran is an obligation upon sufficiency, that is, if a sufficient number of Muslims memorize it, the sin is waived for the rest. If that number of custodians is available, the sin is waived for the rest of the ummah, otherwise, everyone is sinning.

Al-Suyuti, may Allah have mercy on him, said: “Know that memorizing the Quran is an obligation of sufficiency for the nation; it was stated by Al-Jarjani in Al-Shafi, Al-Abadi, and others.” As for individual Muslims, the nation’s scholars have unanimously agreed that every Muslim must memorize what he needs to perform prayer.

Especially since there is an important role in Islamic law that what does not fulfill the duty without it is an obligation, and prayer is an obligation on every Muslim, and for prayer to be valid, it is necessary to read Al-Fatihah and a certain amount of verses according to those who say that it is obligatory to read what is easy of the Quran after Al-Fatihah.

Benefits of Learn Quran online

Learning the Noble Quran has many benefits, including:

  • Learning the Noble Quran is one of the most honorable ways of calling to Allah – the Highest.
  • By learning the Noble Quran, knowledge of the laws and rulings that the nation follows is achieved.
  • It is a key to all sciences; Knowledge is inferred, and all good is inferred. It strengthens faith in the heart of a Muslim and increases it.
  • He introduces the servant to his Lord, and brings him closer to Him; So the servant knows that the attributes of perfection belong to Allah – the Highest – alone, and He renounces every shortcoming. Increases knowledge, action, and insight.
  • It helps the learner of the Noble Quran to know the path that leads to Allah – the Highest – and knows the characteristics of its people, and what awaits them of lasting bliss when they meet their Lord.
  • It helps the learner of the Noble Quran to avoid the path that leads to the wrath of Allah – the Highest – and His torment, and to know the characteristics of the people of Hell, and what awaits them of punishment.
  • The learner of the Noble Quran is distinguished by a good reputation and good morals.
  • The learner of the Noble Quran is distinguished by the eloquence of the tongue and the correct pronunciation of the Arabic letters; By extracting each letter from its natural exit.
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The virtue of learning the Quran

  • The great merit of teaching the Noble Quran is mentioned in many authentic hadiths, the most famous of which is the saying of the Messenger of Allah – may Allah prayers and peace be upon him-: (The best of you are those who learn and teach the Quran).
  • Also, some scholars, such as Sufyan al-Thawri, preferred reciting and teaching the Quran over jihad in the cause of Allah – the Highest -; Referring to the previous conversation.
  • It was reported on the authority of Abu Abd al-Rahman al-Sulami, the great Tabi’i, who was a teacher of the Holy Quran from the caliphate of Othman bin Affan – may Allah be pleased with him – until the era of Hajjaj bin Yusuf, that he sat down to teach the Quran, and the previous hadith was what made him do that; The superiority that the Messenger of Allah – may Allah prayers and peace be upon him – indicated, and that of the one who teaches the Quran and learns it.
  • Teaching the Noble Quran is the most honorable and best of sciences. Because the word of Allah – the Highest – is the best of sciences, and the caller to good is the one who works on the Quran, and he is rewarded from his Lord.
  • Also, the benefit obtained from teaching the Noble Quran is considered a current benefit, the reward of which reaches its owner, even after his death; For the saying of the Messenger of Allah – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him -: (He who teaches knowledge has the reward of the one who works with it, it does not decrease from the wage of the worker).
  • And because the nation of Muhammad – may Allah prayers and peace be upon him – is the best of nations, as Allah – the Highest – told him in his saying: (You are the best nation ever brought forth for people), and the teacher of the Quran is among the best of the nation; It will be better than the best.

Why should you learn the Quran online?

  • Through Rahman School, we present an appendix to all the difficulties and obstacles that prevent a person from memorizing the words of his Lord Almighty.
  • That Rahman School is a reason for the return of many Muslims to adhere to the word of their Lord and memorize the Noble Quran online through teachers from Egypt, that is, they speak the sound Arabic language, and they can communicate information with ease.

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How do you choose a Quran teacher?

  • An appropriate environment must be provided for the memorization of the Noble Quran for children, and an Azariah must have memorized the Noble Quran on the authority of a sheik before him.
  • That the sheik who memorizes the Quran must be an Azharite curriculum, following the middle curriculum, stressing the need to stay away from any memorizer of the Quran who does not follow the true curriculum of Al-Azhar, which is what Rahman School possesses for a group of highly qualified Egyptian teachers.
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How do I learn to memorize the Holy Quran online?

  • The Messenger of Allah – may Allah prayers and peace be upon him – would recite the Noble Quran, and present it to the Companions – may Allah be pleased with them – with the provisions of recitation, and so were the reciters of every age.
  • And the provisions of intonation remained received with the Holy Quran from the mouths of the elders.
  • Therefore, the rules of intonation should be mastered through reading to a regulated sheik, in addition to memorizing the letters, because a defect in intonation is considered a defect in reading, even if the memorization of letters is perfect through Egyptian teachers at Rahman School.

The best online Quran learning platforms

  • Rahman School is one of the most famous educational platforms for teaching the Quran online.
  • Rahman School also tries to facilitate the learning of sciences that serve the Quran such as the science of tajweed.
  • Rahman School is one of the most popular educational platforms for learning the Quran with Tajweed online.
  • ●        It is worth mentioning that Rahman School Best Quran academy is located in Egypt, and it owns a group of Native Arab teachers who have high qualifications in teaching the Noble Quran online with ease.

Finally, Rahman School is the best online Quran learning platform through Native Arab teachers, which it has Native teachers from Egypt, where Learn Quran with Tajweed is done.

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