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being Muslim

The meaning of being a Muslim, Islam in its absolute meaning is the submission and submission of all creatures in the universe in complete submission to the commands of Allah – the Almighty -, and Islam in its general sense is the heavenly religion that was brought by Allah prophets and messengers, and in the special sense it is the religion that Allah sent His Messenger Muhammad ( PBUH), and he required Muslims to believe in all that he came with heart and soul, and set rules and pillars for it that must be adhered to, and this article will talk about the pillars of Islam and faith and the difference between them and The meaning of being Muslim.

The difference between the pillars of Islam and faith

  1. There is a vast difference between faith and Islam. In fact, Islam is considered a part of faith, because the concept of faith is more comprehensive and deeper, and even Allah – the Highest – distinguished between Islam and faith.
  2. Faith is a complete belief in the existence of Allah – the Mighty and Sublime – and trust in Him and the certainty that He is capable of everything, and an agreement between the heart, mind, and feelings for the existence of Allah.
  3. Accordingly, every believer is a Muslim, but not every Muslim is a believer, and even the pillars of faith differ from the pillars of Islam, which are as follows:

Pillars of Islam

  • The five pillars of Islam were imposed by Allah – the Almighty – upon His servants and stipulated that they all come together in order for Islam to be true.
  • The meaning of the pillars is the pillars or pillars upon which Islam is built. If they are not complete, Islam will not be solid. This highlights The meaning of being Muslim. The pillars of Islam are:
  • The two testimonies: They are the testimony that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger, and it is considered the first pillars of Islam without which it is not valid.
  • Establishing prayer: Allah has imposed on Muslims five daily prayers, which are “the dawn prayer, the noon prayer, the afternoon prayer, the sunset prayer, and the evening prayer.”
  • Giving zakat: It is giving zakat on money, lives, and livelihood.
  • Fasting: Allah Almighty has made it obligatory for Muslims to fast during the month of Ramadan.
  • Hajj: Allah made it obligatory for Muslims to perform the pilgrimage to His Sacred House, and it is from His mercy – the Mighty and Sublime – that He made this pillar for those who are able to perform it.

Pillars of Faith

The pillars of faith cannot be acquired or learned, as they are sensual actions, feelings, and hidden beliefs that take place in the heart, and they are six pillars:

Faith in Allah:

It is the first and most important pillar of faith, which is that the servant believes in the existence of Allah, his divinity, and his power.

Belief in angels:

That is, the servant believes in the existence of angels and that they are Allah’s creation.

Belief in Messengers and Prophets:

The Muslim must believe in the existence of the prophets and messengers whom Allah – the Highest – sent before the Noble Prophet – peace and blessings be upon him – and he loves them and does not differentiate between them.

Belief in the divine books:

A Muslim must believe that Allah had revealed books to the Messengers by Muhammad – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him – and all of them were from Allah’s words before they were distorted.

These are the Torah, the Gospel, the Psalms, the Scriptures of Abraham, and the Noble Quran, which Allah Almighty preserved from distortion until the Day of Resurrection.

Belief in the Last Day:

The meaning being a Muslim, a Muslim must believe in the existence of the Day of Resurrection, which is the Day of Judgment in which every human being on the face of the earth, ancient and modern, will be held accountable, and then each according to his deeds will enter Heaven or Hell.

Belief in destiny and destiny:

And it is with the complete acceptance that everything that happens is by the decree and decree of Allah, whether good or evil.

What are the characteristics of a good believer?

  1. There are many attributes that indicate a person’s faith and righteousness, the meaning of being a Muslim, including what is mentioned in the Noble Quran.
  2. Including what was mentioned in the honorable hadiths of the Prophet, and among the most important characteristics of a good believer are the following:
  3. The believer’s faith is firm and does not change in his heart at all, no matter how circumstances or conditions change, and he remains a believer and his faith does not decrease because the good believer in all his affairs is good for him.
  4. His good opinion of Allah Almighty at all times and when, and his opinion of his Lord never changes no matter what comes to him from fear, hunger, or calamity.
  5. His love for other faithful servants of Allah is very great, for he rejoices for the joy of the believers, and grieves for their grief.
  6. It is with the rest of the believers like one body that never collapses and cooperates with them in goodness The meaning of being Muslim.
  7. He is far from the envy of other people, he does not tempt or insult and does not hate others at all, and he does not wish for the blessings of others to disappear, because he is satisfied with the division and ability of Allah Almighty.
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Attributes of a Muslim that he derives from the characteristics of the Prophet (PBUH)

  • He is committed to and believes in, the pillars of faith, which are our faith in Allah Almighty, His angels, His books, and His Messengers all, and believes in predestination, both good and evil.
  • He is committed to good and benign morals because the believers who have the most complete faith in Allah Almighty are the most perfect of them in character, The meaning of being Muslim.
  • Examples of good manners that characterize believers are honesty, generosity, humility, enjoining good and forbidding evil, and This is The meaning of being Muslim.
  • He is a permanent reader of the Holy Quran, reciting its verses and reciting them carefully and with reverence, and adheres to the morals of the Quran and applies what is in it because the Holy Quran is the believer’s paradise, its spring and the secret of his joy.
  • Intelligence, broadness of mind, acumen, civility, and deep thinking, the believer is distinguished by all these things, because his heart is illuminated with the light of faith.
  • He is far from all immoralities, he does not commit major or minor sins, and he magnifies the fear of Allah Almighty in his heart, his tongue is not obscene and he does not utter any words that are not appropriate to the morals of a believer.
The meaning of being Muslim
The meaning of being Muslim

How do maintain prayer? – The meaning of being Muslim

  1. Knowing the great reward obtained when performing the prayer, is the most beloved deed that a Muslim performs.
  2. Obedience to Allah, as it is the means through which the slave communicates with his Creator, so he calls upon Him and asks for His help.
  3. On the other hand, the Muslim must know the sin of the one who is lazy about it and the extent of his shortcomings, and this highlights the meaning of being a Muslim.
  4. The Muslim turns to Allah – Glory is to Him – with sincere supplication to help him get rid of Satan’s whispers and temptations, The meaning of being Muslim.
  5. It is good for him to frequently mention Allah, Glory be to Him, and recite the Quran so that he will protect himself from Satan.
  6. Training the soul on the will, and making it adhere to the commitment to worship, and that is with determination and persistence, and this does not happen by day and night, but rather requires time and effort in taming and accustoming the soul.

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Ways to maintain prayer

  • Then it becomes easy and easy because knowledge is by learning.
  • Be careful and pay attention to the need to initiate prayer at the beginning of its time, and the means that help in this can be used.
  • Such as setting an alarm, or requesting a reminder from a friend, or following something that includes accurate prayer times, and other means The meaning of being Muslim.
  • Good companionship aids a person in obedience and keeps him away from falling into disobedience.
  • Attending knowledge gatherings – whenever possible – and reading about the biographies of the righteous and scholars, and taking the advice of those who know.
  • Knowing the virtue of waiting for the prayer, The meaning of being Muslim.
  • The Messenger of Allah gave good tidings to those who perform the obligatory prayer.
  • And they are waiting for the next one, that Allah – the Mighty and Sublime – opens a door from heaven for them, and brags about them to His honorable angels.
  • Sensing the greatness of standing in front of Allah by turning to Allah in prayer, and reflecting on His words – the Almighty – and what He says of remembrances and supplications.
  • Constantly remembering the Hereafter, doing a lot of good deeds, staying away from everything that Allah has forbidden, and constantly repenting to Allah – the Mighty and Sublime.

What are the benefits of reading the Quran?

We will now talk about the benefits of the Quran that stand out: The meaning of being a Muslim:

  1. Reading the Noble Quran increases confidence and the Muslim’s belief that Allah Almighty is aware of it in every place and time.
  2. The Muslim learns the high values ​​and morals that positively affect his life and his dealings with everyone.
  3. He also realizes what are the correct ways to deal with his family members, whether his parents, his wife or his children.
  4. He assures him that the basis for successful relationships is respect, affection, and mercy, and this reflects positively on the entire community.
  5. Which ultimately leads to the cohesion and cohesion of the entire nation The meaning of being Muslim.
  6. Increasing the Muslim’s sense of comfort and reassurance, for the Holy Quran is the best remembrance of The meaning of being Muslim.
  7. Reading the Noble Quran protects Muslims from distress and anxiety The meaning of being Muslim.
  8. Reading the Noble Quran rids a person of Satan’s whispers, and makes him more confident in Allah Almighty, the Highest.
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How to treat others well

There are many steps that people must follow in dealing with others, including the following, The meaning of being Muslim:

Start the day with a smile – The meaning of being Muslim

  • When a person maintains a smile in the morning, when arriving at work, and when receiving people anywhere.
  • A smile earns the affection of others and earns their affection, love, and respect.
  • A smile is a key to hearts. When a person smiles at others, he enters his heart without permission.

Providing assistance to others

  1. It is necessary to provide assistance to others as much as possible, because that is considered benevolence, and offering a helping hand stands out.
  2. The Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “The best of people are those who are most beneficial to people.”
  3. Among the great assistance that should be provided is helping the elderly or those who suffer from any disease, all of this creates an atmosphere of love among people.

Respect the deadlines – The meaning of being Muslim

  • When you agree with anyone on a date to do something, you must respect that appointment.
  • And you must respect time because this shows the extent of a person’s commitment in his life in general and in carrying out what is required of him.
  • The character of commitment is an important characteristic of people as it indicates respect.
  • A person who respects his appointments respects himself, and he is a confident person.
  • Also, respecting deadlines reduces lying and inventing flimsy reasons to justify the delay, and this pushes a person to lie, which is considered one of the undesirable qualities.

The tact in talking to people

  1. Be few words, speak only what is useful, choose the appropriate words for the situation carefully, and listen well.
  2. And try not to interrupt someone while he is talking, or to impose your opinions on people.
  3. Try to always speak in a low voice that will win people’s love, and they will not get bored of your conversations no matter how long they are.

Set boundaries for your relationship with everyone

  • Treat each person according to your relationship with him, not everyone is equal in treatment, each needs special treatment according to his thinking and personality.
  • And make each person bound by the limits of dealing with you, not by commands, but by the manner of dealing with him.
  • Some may cross the limits and deal in an inappropriate and inappropriate manner for the place and time.

Give gifts to love one another – The meaning of being Muslim

  1. The advice of our Noble Messenger, which has the effect of heartbreak, as a gift, regardless of its material value, pleases the soul.
  2. It creates a friendly and loving relationship between people, and it indicates a person’s appreciation for others.
  3. So take advantage of occasions and present friends and loved ones with small gifts expressing your love for them.

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Don’t make fun of people

  • Criticizing people, making fun of their behavior, speaking arrogantly, actions that distance people from you, and create hostility and hatred.
  • Rather, a person can compel people to accept his criticism, as he expresses it in a calm and tactful manner.
  • As for the harsh method of salvation and offensive words that insult people’s dignity and have the opposite result.

Don’t criticize anyone too harshly

  1. Choose a polite, tactful method in criticizing others, you make mistakes like everyone else.
  2. So do not be harsh in speech, and insult the wrong person, which hurts his feelings and insults his dignity.
  3. Thus, people love you, and you can also correct the mistake without hurting it.

Be humble with people – The meaning of being Muslim

  • Do not be arrogant over anyone with your money, your knowledge, or your lineage, for these are blessings from Allah that He bestows on some people and not others until they emerge.
  • And it may disappear one day.
  • Deal with the poor, the rich, the ignorant, the world, and all human beings in a tactful and polite manner to win people’s love and affection.

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