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At Quran for Children course at Top Quran Classes, we teach Quran reading and for making it interesting we also explain the lesson to kids with Tafseer and tell them stories from Quran and Sunnah, as a result, the children show more interest in learning Quran reading and understanding it.

We also encourage them to memorize a few Surah for kids at the beginning and if they show more interest then we make them memorize long surah’s of the Holy Quran as they move on in learning Quran reading.

Top Quran Classes offers a special Quran for children courses which are suitable from absolute beginning and introduction to letters, like an introduction to learning any language. A young mind is also perceptive to learning at a faster pace and can adapt to the skills early, however qualified guidance is required to teach the kids and encourage them into developing a punctual habit of consistent learning.

In particular, children and adults, both men and women, can start to Learn Quran Online Free and how to read the Quran Learn Online. Certified teachers of the Quran give lectures and a guide on the rules of intonation, teach the correct pronunciation of Arabic letters, and apply all the rules of intonation.
In the end, you and your children can also read the Holy Quran with the appropriate intonation and recitation with Tarteel. We have teachers from the Quran from the United States, Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia who speak English, Urdu, and Arabic.