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Learn Islam Online at Top Quran Classes with the native Islamic scholars who graduated from prestigious Islamic universities like Al-Azhar University.

There are no restrictions on those who want to learn Islam online. All Muslim children need to learn the fundamental basics of their religion — including how to follow the prophet’s example of life and faith, the language that Allah used to send revelation, and how to avoid sin to live a pure life.
Muslim adults may find themselves wanting to better understand Arabic, whether for basic language skills or for advanced comprehension of law and doctrine. Top Quran Classes makes it possible and convenient for an entire family to come together and study the Quran to gain a richer understanding of their faith.
Global education has rapidly shifted to digital learning. Studies demonstrate that the average amount of time spent using on-screen communication and learning is steadily growing around the globe.
Top Quran Classes helps to connect students who are used to learning primarily, or even entirely, through online platforms. Our curriculum is designed with the e-learner online, which is why we provide 24/7 support and scheduling.
Save time and money when you compare tuition fees from religious schools with our affordable rates. Finally, you can be certain that you’ll be put on the right track to succeed with Top Quran Classes, as your online Islamic classes begin with an evaluation of your skills and conclude with a rating of your efficiency and capability.
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