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Alif Baa Taa

The alif ba taa is one of the important foundations and pillars on which the child relies in his education and the development of his thinking. Therefore, the child must learn the alphabet in easy and smooth ways in order to love and learn them quickly and accurately.

And It is important not to force the child to memorize the alphabet; Because this will make him hate her, and feel alienated from her, and here the parents, especially the mother, must choose the appropriate way to teach their children the alphabet in an interesting and fun way such as alif baa taa games for kids and Arabic songs for kids.

What does Alif Ba Ta mean?

Alif meaning

Alif: “A” is the first letter in the Arabic alphabet. Alif is pronounced as a hamza if it is not connected to a Mudd example: a lion and is pronounced as an alpha if it is called by a Mudd example: the Qur’an, and it is equal to 1 in the arithmetic of sentences.

The early linguists distinguished between the hamza and the alif, and thus the number of Arabic letters they had was twenty-nine letters, while the modern linguists did not consider the alif as an alphabetic letter, just as the arithmetic of sentences did not consider it an alphabetical letter.

Baa meaning

Alba:(B) The lexicon semicolon is the second letter in the alphabet and the alphabet, and the ba is an oral explosive sound, and when pronouncing the ba, the air coming from the lungs stops completely at the lips.

The lips fully adhere to it, and the air is compressed for a period of time, then the lips open and the air rushes out Suddenly from the mouth, making an explosive sound, and vibrating with it the vocal cords during pronunciation, hence his loudness.

Taa meaning

Taa: is the third letter of the Arabic alphabet, and it is a toothy, explosive, whispered (severe) tooth sound.

How do you sing the alphabet in Arabic?

There are many alif ba ta sa song for the Arabic alphabet, including the following:

A thousand rabbits running around eating carrots so they don’t get tired

a duck.

There is a crown above the head in which there is gold and diamonds

A fox-hunting a chicken is cunning in times of need.

Jim, a camel in the desert is like a ship on water

Ha, pilgrimage, the highest of his Lord, in which there is a circumambulation around the Kaaba.

There is bread at the seller that only the hungry can eat

  1. Dick has a good voice. He calls the call to prayer over the house.

A wolf is a difficult beast that only dogs can tire of

Behind a man who knows the religion, he is truthful and he is honest.


Zain is a yellow and red flower, and it is the most beautiful sight for my eyes

When will you save my time in my school or at home?


Shane Shams is made powerful, in which there is warmth and light

A fisherman threw the net after a while she caught a fish.


An officer who protects my country preserves security and takes care of my residence

T is the most beautiful child and he is clean and well-shaped.


Zafar was cleaned after a while, so we cut it

An eye that fears Allah and does not worship anyone but Him.


Ghain gar cave Hira in which the revelation came to Taha

Faa is an elephant with tusks, and he is a friend, my friend.


There is a moon in which houses and times guide the resident

Enough dogs lived next to me guarding my sheep guarding my home.


My name is meat that builds my body before I eat it

The mosque of the house of Allah in which I perform every prayer.


Nun River Nile and he is generous and not stingy

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E is a high-top pyramid, which is the building symbol of vigor.


Wow, a person’s face has a radiance of faith

Ya, our hand draws a flower that creates a shape that shows an idea.

how to write alif baa taaWhat is the letter Alif?

The Arabic alphabet has 28 basic letters. There are modified models of these letters in non-Arabic languages ​​that use the Arabic alphabet, such as Persian, Ottoman, Urdu, and Malay. Some of these languages ​​even have more letters than Arabic.

Some letters in the Arabic alphabet are similar to each other, and these similarities can be distinguished by the dots above or below some similar letters; For example, the two letters “baa” (b) and “taa” (t) are similar in shape but placing a dot under “baa” and two dots above “taa” distinguishes them from each other.

How to write Alif, Baa, and Taa in Arabic?

The Arabic alif baa taa for kids

is written by connecting most of the letters of one word with the letters adjacent to it in the same word, with the exception of some letters that do not connect with other letters.


The shape of the alif ba taa and letter varies when connecting it at the beginning of a word with what follows it, or in the middle of a word with what comes before and after it, or at the end of a word with what comes before it.

What is the meaning of Alif?

As for the meaning of the Alif, it is as follows:

A: Alif: It was composed of Hamza and Lam Wafa, and it was called Alif because it composed the letters.

All of them, and they are the most common letters in logic, and they say: This is Alif


How can I learn Arabic fast?

The methods used in language teaching differ, according to the teacher, his style and method of teaching, where there is more than one way, such as learning from Arabic online, as well as learning through Arabic songs for kids and alif ba ta sa song, but they can be summarized as follows:

1- Begin by learning the basics of the language: Learning at the beginning is based on learning the essence of the language before moving toward the language and its rules. 

The basics of learning represent knowing the letters of the language such as alif baa for kids and alif baa taa for kids

in writing and pronunciation, and linking them to known objects and concepts that are known to different groups.

For example, when starting with the letter Alif, the learner must know the shape of the letter in writing in the places of speech, at its beginning, middle and end, and pronounce it using the movements of opening.

Joining and breaking, then linking it to something known to him, such as a lion at the beginning of the word, an ax in the middle of the word, a heater at the end of the word, and the rest of the alphabet is measured.


2- After the end of this stage, the learner is enriched with the largest possible linguistic outcome of the various meanings of vocabulary and words, which the learner can acquire, each according to his mental abilities and speed in acquiring language skills.

In the event that the learner falls under the young age group, images and movements can be used to indicate the meaning or the vocabulary to be conveyed to the learner, and there is nothing wrong with using it to teach older age groups, from non-native speakers, or to the illiterate elderly who did not know how to read and write in their childhood.

3- The learner is then trained to read the sentences, starting with the short ones, and moving on to the relatively long ones. This increases the learner’s linguistic outcome on the one hand and gives him the opportunity to learn how to properly express his thoughts and opinions.

4- Use of links: After the learner has mastered the previous language skills, the individual is taught the different language links of prepositions, adverbs of time and place, and sign nouns. This skill gives the learner the ability to synthesize words and form useful sentences.

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5- Forming question formulas: This is done by the learner using short question methods and formulas, including those that are answered with yes or no, to exploratory and explanatory questions that require some length to be answered. Among the frequently asked questions are: Is, When, What, Why, How.

How can I learn to read Arabic?

Teaching alif baa for kids or alif baa taa for kids to children must pass through several stages:

The first stage

In this stage, a good teacher must first be chosen for the children in order to teach them the correct pronunciation. He must himself be the correct output, and the teacher must have the ability to transfer the information to them gradually until it reaches their minds in an easy and fast way.

After which they must The teacher begins to teach them the letters of madd, and extends them as much as possible so that they know that they are letters of madd, and after that, they are taught the alphabets.

But not in their name, but rather with the sounds of the letters, then they are taught the movements of the letters, but the teacher does not exceed four letters in one lesson.

The second stage

After that, the child takes compound letters with other letters of the extension, with no more than seven letters in one lesson. After that, the child must be able to pronounce the letters of the extension and then put the letters of the extension into words that the student writes and reads.

There must also be a periodic review of what has passed by giving the child the exercises in the papers, and in order to move from each stage quickly, the child must take these exercises at the end of the stage.

The third stage

 In this stage, the child learns the shape of the movements, and their pronunciation of the letters, with the introduction of the letter with other letters such as Bu, wider, or other letters.

At this stage, he is also acquainted with the letter of the definition, so we say the book, the brochure, and at the end of this stage, the child is able to read the letters and words consisting of three letters.

And then the letters that are found in the words are increased, the words are diversified, and then he takes the whole sentences, then The spelling stage by default.

And then the letters that are found in the words are increased, the words are diversified, and then he takes the whole sentences, then The spelling stage by default.

In the end, learning alif ba taa is important, specifically alif baa for kids or alif baa taa for kids, and there is more than one effective way such as learning alif baa taa games for kids or alif ba ta sa song moreover Arabic songs for kids, and there are many Arabic online courses dedicated to this.

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