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arabic writing course

Not everyone who is proficient in reading Arabic is proficient in writing, although the majority are otherwise. We find those who read properly, but they sometimes make mistakes in writing, and this is due to an error in the foundation, and a clear confusion between some components of the language.

Such as confusion between the vowels of the fatha, and the dhammah. And the kasra or confusion between the sakina nun and the tanween, or between the lam shamsiya and the lam qamariah.

This is related to weakness in writing, but the inability to write at all requires arabic writing course, including what we mentioned, so what we will mention now includes both sections. So in the following lines we will discuss arabic writing course.

Rules and foundations of Arabic writing

In addition, arabic writing course we mention these rules as follows:

  • Memorizing the entire letters of the arabic writing course, both reading and writing, as letters are the basic component of any language, and without them it is impossible to master the language, whether reading or writing.
  • Distinguishing the three vowel letters from the rest of the letters; What we need in the writing process, and distinguishing writing with it from writing with movements.
  • Distinguishing the three vowels, fatha, dhamma, and kasra, from the three vowels of the vowel.
  • Learn to write each letter of the arabic writing course, with each of the three vowel letters,
  • Learn to write each letter of the Arabic language, with each of the three movements. 
  • Practice writing examples of verbs or nouns, including the three prepositional letters.
  • Practice writing examples of verbs or nouns, including the three Arabic language vowels.
  • Distinguishing between writing the Nūn Sakinah and Tanween, and the cases of each.
  • Practice writing nouns that include the sakun noun, and others that include the tanween.
  • Distinguish between solar lights and lunar lights, and know the conditions of each.
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arabic writing course

The arabic writing course provided by top quran classes academy covers many aspects related to studying the Arabic language, such as:

  • Knowing the writing of each letter of the Arabic language, at the beginning, middle, and end of the word.
  • Knowing the rules related to the arabic writing course, in its various modes, and practicing that.
  • Identify texts that include the above notes, and practice writing them by heart.
  • Adopting the method of repeatedly copying specific texts.
  • Encouraging a lot of reading, because it has a great impact in stimulating and developing the ability to write smoothly.
  • Encouraging the idea of self-learning, by allowing the individual to push himself, seeking knowledge and knowledge.
  • Encouraging the learner to write creatively, through correspondence with some newspapers and websites.
  • Encouraging the idea of written conversation, through social media, such as Facebook.

The importance of arabic writing course

The importance of learning Arabic languages with arabic writing course comes as the following;

1-The main means of preserving science, expertise, life experiences, conclusions, opinions, sayings, biographies, and historical events; 

Without arabic writing course, everyone who tries to add something to humanity’s journey will start from scratch, and there will be no accumulation of knowledge or experience.

2-An important means of expressing the hidden feelings of others in an attempt to bridge the distances between the sender and the addressee

The word has a magical effect on the human soul. It is the only one capable of penetrating to the depths, influencing a person, and perhaps turning his life upside down.

3-A way of creativity and highlighting talents and abilities

Especially through what is known as the art of the novel, story, or poetry. Such arts help develop a person’s personality and advance him spiritually and psychologically as well.

4-A way to vent the inner self

Which needs to come out from time to time, and you will not find a better way for it than blogging and writing.

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5-An effective method for those who intend to contribute to bringing about real reform in their societies and countries

Through it, they can broadcast ideas and deliver them to the largest number of recipients and interactors.

Steps to learn to write in Arabic

Here some steps which will help you in arabic writing course;

1-Determine the type of Arabic language you want to learn: 

There are three types of arabic writing course:

  • Classical Arabic: It is the language that Arabs understand, regardless of their dialects and origins. The Classical language is used in official fields.

Such as: news, literature, poetry, educational curricula, news newspapers, and political discourse. You can learn this type if your interest is not limited to a specific Arab country.

  • Classical Arabic: It is the language used in the Book of Allah (the Holy Qur’an), which is also used in religious and intellectual texts. You can learn this type if you are interested in Islamic or medieval Arabic fields and studies.
  • Colloquial Arabic: These are the local dialects that the general public uses, and whose pronunciation varies from one place to another. You can learn colloquial dialects if you reside and live in the Arab world or a specific Arab country. 
  • The colloquial language between Arab countries may differ so greatly that you cannot understand it. The meaning comes from the context of the hadith, where Arabic dialects vary; There is the Levantine dialect, the Gulf dialect, the Moroccan dialect, the Egyptian dialect, and other dialects.

2-Use Arabic books and read their texts with concentration: 

in order to learn the Arabic alphabet and avoid translating Arabic words. Because it sometimes carries complex meanings that may be difficult for non-Arabs to understand.

3-Learn to use the Arabic dictionary: 

Words are arranged in Arabic dictionaries based on their origin or root consisting of three letters, which is known as the “root of the word.” You may face difficulty in searching for the root of the word, but your repeated practice and continuous use of the dictionary makes it easier for you.

4-Use self-learning courses

That includes the basics of learning the Arabic language and methods of speaking it: You must take into account your choice of reliable, high-quality educational references and curricula.

5-Participate in Arabic language learning centers: 

to help you learn the language more quickly and in the correct way.


arabic writing course have a major and effective role in increasing a person’s information and multiplying it. It can turn a person into an encyclopedic person, especially if he is one of the people who are distinguished by his multiple interests.

Nowadays, it is considered a means of obtaining a good financial income, either through writing books, writing articles, or blogging on the Internet. It is also considered a means of gaining fame, especially if the writer has a charming style and a beautiful pen.

It develops a person’s mental abilities, and may sometimes contribute to the development of his social relationships, in addition to being an important means of success in life and meeting various needs.