Master Arabic from Home: Virtual Classes for Language Excellence

virtual arabic classes

The Arabic language is indeed the heritage of the Arabs, and it is a rich language and full of culture. Many Arab scholars in the past sought research and knowledge, and they achieved many works in various fields of science in this language. Their research in the Arabic language became a reference to which all languages refer and seek to translate it to gain from it. 

To study Arab culture, in addition, whoever wants to study and learn Arab culture is in dire need of knowledge of the Arabic language, and needs to delve deeper into it until he reaches a level that allows him to absorb that profound culture. In the following lines we will discuss virtual arabic classes.

virtual arabic classes

Through virtual arabic classes, some important recommendations can be made regarding teaching the Arabic language, the most important of which is the need to provide the Arabic language teacher with creative teaching skills and real teaching standards, through courses on teaching principles, teaching methods, and educational methods.

And training them on them, and the need to diversify the evaluation methods and means used by teachers. The Arabic language should include open-ended questions, motivational questions, and questions with higher cognitive levels. 

Teachers must be trained to use methods and strategies for developing creative teaching skills so that they can develop their teaching methods. There is a need to hold training courses to familiarize Arabic language teachers with the importance of modern methods and their necessity during teaching, or through periodical bulletins.

Some types of virtual arabic classes

Modern Standard Arabic is an updated and simplified version of virtual arabic classes, and is used in written and oral statements in trade, politics, the media, and tourism. Known or colloquial Arabic, on the contrary, is an informal language that we use daily, and varies from one country to another and from one region to another. Both communication style and phonetics represent the basic tools in the study of language.

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There are many reasons related to virtual arabic classes, or interest in knowing the necessary tools in technical and professional communication, as well as the cultural, commercial, and economic field. We will mention some types of virtual arabic classes:

1-Modern Standard Arabic language courses: 

These courses are organized individually or for limited groups, and consist of two levels:

2-For beginners (first level)

It is directed to those who have simple knowledge of the Arabic language, or those who have knowledge of some basic information but do not have the ability to distinguish Arabic letters or pronounce sounds correctly. 

After initially understanding the foundations of writing and phonetics, one begins to learn the basic rules of grammar principles. 

This is done with the help of texts used in specialized institutes for teaching foreigners audio materials such as names, numbers, gender, the use of the single definite article, the nominal sentence, the verb, and others.

3-After the beginner (second level)

It is directed to those who have basic knowledge of the Arabic language, meaning that they can distinguish the letters of the alphabet without difficulty and have a good knowledge of the principles of grammar. 

This is the case of those who passed a university test for the Arabic language and those who enrolled in the first level course. At this level, special attention is paid. In conversation, we also continue to delve deeper into grammatical rules while dealing with complex parsing.

4-Individual Arabic language courses: 

Individual courses are intended for those who wish to follow a completely personal path in the study of linguistic rules (grammar) and in conversation training, and for those who are interested in expanding their study of certain aspects of culture and the Arab world.

The importance of the Arabic language

The importance of the virtual arabic classes is clearly visible and is not hidden from anyone. It is the language of the Holy Qur’an. The importance of the Arabic language is evident in many matters and several items, and among these matters are the following:

  • The importance of the virtual arabic classes came from the fact that it is the basis for understanding the Qur’an, and the Arabic language is closely linked to the Holy Qur’an. 
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On the one hand, a person cannot understand the subtleties of the matters found in the Qur’an unless he is knowledgeable of the Arabic language. 

On the other hand, the role of the scholars and companions is to encourage understanding and studying Arabic, and to link The language of the Qur’an, preserved by Allah, bequeathed this matter to it in order to preserve it from loss.

  • The Arabic language is the language of explanation and understanding, and the Holy Qur’an has emphasized this. When an Arab wants to describe a sword, a lion, or other names, there are many synonyms, and this is what we only find in the Arabic language.
  • One of the importance of the virtual arabic classes is that understanding this language is a means of establishing argument against people and other nations. Whoever does not understand the language and is not aware of its origins will not be able to be a witness.
  • The virtual arabic classes derived its importance because learning it is obligatory for anyone who wants to learn and narrate hadith. Only those who know the basics of the language can understand hadith.
  • The importance of the virtual arabic classes comes from the fact that it is the interpreter of the Holy Qur’an, and those who study Islamic jurisprudence must learn the secrets of the language, its origins, and its synonyms, in order to delve into the interpretation of the verses of the Holy Book, and these wrong interpretations are nothing but the result of ignorance of the language.


In conclusion, the virtual arabic classes is an educational and interactive method that aims to teach the Arabic language to non-native speakers through a group of customized courses and by teachers with great experience in this field, so if you would like to know more details, you can contact us.