What do you learn in Top Quran Classes ?

Top Quran Classes

What do you learn in Top Quran Classes? Top Quran Classes Online has recently become popular on the Internet, and the status and merit of the Quran are not hidden from anyone.

Like Allah favors all other human beings, Allah made those who learned the Quran and those who taught it a high position, and singled them out and preferred them over all other human beings, describing them as Allah’s people and his own.

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What do you learn in Top Quran Classes Academy?

  • learn in Top Quran Classes is one of the most famous sites in Learn Quran online to contribute to reaching all levels of society.
  • Just as the Top Quran Classes site teaches recitation and memorization of the Quran.
  • It also provides the service of teaching and memorizing the hadith, because it is the second source of legislation.
  • Is one of the most famous academies for teaching the Holy Quran online to contribute to reaching all levels of society.
  • This platform aims to facilitate the memorization of the Noble Quran and the teaching of its proper recitation.
  • The Learn in Top Quran Classes website also seeks to find the opportunity to recite and memorize the Quran at any time for those who find it difficult to go to places of learning and memorizing the Holy Quran.
  • learn in Top Quran Classes also aspires to become the largest website for memorizing the Quran and teaching its rulings remotely.
  • Just as the Learn Top Quran Classes site teaches recitation and memorization of the Quran.
  • It also provides the service of teaching and memorizing the hadith, because it is the second source of legislation.

Features of Top Quran Classes

  1. It is the first Quranic platform that provides an electronic environment based on interactive learning of Quranic sciences.
  2. Top Quran Classes is a site for memorizing the Quran and teaching the Quran.
  3. Which is based on information and communication technologies and interactive education for the sciences of the Holy Quran.
  4. Through this platform, learn in Top Quran Classes offers episodes of Quran memorization and revision, Iqra and Ijaz councils, as well as courses for teaching Tajweed.
  5. The site also offers courses specialized in memorizing the surahs, for which special merit has been proven.
  6. And Quranic reading over the phone and the Internet, for all segments of society who want to learn the Quran, as it is considered one of the most famous academies for learning the Quran online.
  7. This site offers comprehensive and integrated programs for memorizing the Quran, and its programs are diverse to suit all age groups.
  8. Top Quran Classes provides comprehensive and integrated programs for memorizing the Holy Quran.
  9. It also takes into account in its programs the education of all age groups, and capabilities.
  10. And human differences and is considered one of the best academies for learning the Quran online.
  11. This site aims to pave the way for all those who want to memorize Quran with perfection and accuracy.
  12. This learn in Top Quran Classes website also relies on the thematic division of verses to help participants reflect, not just memorize.

Website courses

In the following lines, we will mention the courses offered by the site

Quran Reading Basics

  • You can rely on many ways and tips to learn to read the Noble Quran.
  • As follows: Listen to the recitations recorded on the YouTube channel Top Quran Classes for many readers.
  • Go to the Quran memorization role and listen carefully to the Sheikh reciter.
  • Study the provisions of Tajweed from the Learn in Top Quran Classes website.
  • Be careful to understand the important rules for reading the Quran based on the rules of the Arabic language.
  • It is necessary to learn the rules of the Arabic language well and make sure to pronounce the letters in the correct way from the correct exit and pay attention to the movements.
  • Continue reading daily This will make the reading process easier and more compact.
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Quran Recitation

  1. In this Quran Recitation course, the student will learn how to recite the Quran correctly in learning in Top Quran Classes.
  2. Where Allah Almighty commanded us in his Noble Book to read the Noble Quran in its correct recitation and recitation.
  3. What is meant by reciting the Noble Quran is to read it in a sound and correct manner, through careful reading and clarifying the letters.
  4. Giving every letter in the Noble Quran its due, whether it is one of the due letter exits.
  5. Or the provisions resulting from the character of showing and hiding.
  6. And adherence to the provisions of reading the Holy Quran in full in learning in Top Quran Classes.
  7. Deliberation in reading helps in reading it peacefully and understanding its meanings well.
  8. Many intonation books teach the provisions of recitation of verses of the Quran and their recitation that can be consulted and benefited from.
  9. Including The book The Art of Recitation in the Provisions of Intonation by Abdullah Al-Sabbagh.

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Tajweed Quran

In the Tajweed Quran course, you will learn how to recite the Quran as follows in the Top Quran Classes:

The theoretical side – learn in Top Quran Classes

  • The theoretical aspect of the science of intonation is related to the rulings and rules laid down by scholars in books that teach the rulings of intonation.
  • As sections of the extension and its times.
  • The same applies to the rulings of the letters in terms of revealing, embedding, inverting, and concealing.
  • Learn in Top Quran Classes other rulings and rules that have been explained and the discussion of them has been expanded in the books on the science of intonation.

The practical side – learn in Top Quran Classes

  1. It is called the applied aspect, and this aspect cannot be controlled by the learner.
  2. Nor can he be mastered except by taking the rules of intonation and speaking them to a reader.
  3. Who is known for his mastery of the rules of intonation of the Noble Quran in knowledge and application?
  4. Such as the rulings of rum, smelling, singing, facilitating, and oral concealment and the applied aspect protects the learner from melody and correctness in reading.

Course Ten Qirat

  • Know reading the Quranic as a face-to-pronunciation of the words of the Quran in learning in Top Quran Classes.
  • One of the imams is violated in a way and how to pronounce letters, or in the pronunciation.
  • With the road and novels agreement, read what is attributed to one of the imams of readings.
  • The science of reading is: knowing how to know how to pronounce the Quranic words.
  • How to perform, whether an agreement or a difference with each other with each face ratio.
  • Some scientists have been divided between the seven and ten readings.
  • Who suffered the seven readings three readings prove the son of the island frequency, and agree with the people of science.
  • The three readings are attributed to the Imam’s increased civil, and Jacob al-Hadrami, and learned in Top Quran Classes.
What do you learn in Top Quran Classes
What do you learn in Top Quran Classes

Quran Memorization Course

You will learn in this conservation of the Quran in easy ways such as the following methods in learning in Top Quran Classes:

  1. To own faithful and sincere intention.
  2. To listen to readers; To listen to a correct recitation.
  3. Be sure to be saved with Tajweed.
  4. You have to choose the right time to master the conservation process.
  5. And also to operate in the right place as if they are away from the noise.

Tafsir Quran Course

The student will learn the interpretation of the Quran at the following levels:

Level one – learn in Top Quran Classes

  1. This level initially involves learning to read and master the Quran.
  2. The ability to understand the readable speech and the use of the interest required of it.
  3. And then move to the stage of maintaining the meanings of vocabulary from any dictionary of the meanings of the Quran.
  4. Then read the book introductions, As an introduction to Sheikh Islam Ibn Taymiyah.

Second Level – learn in Top Quran Classes

  • This will be after the first level is completed the student at the second level to read and study books in the science of the Quran Such as an investigative book in the Science of Quran.
  • Then study the curriculum of the book of interpretation and interpreters.
  • Then a copy of the written books as a clear copier.
  • And the study of grammar from one of his easy books as the obvious statement, and the study of exchange science.
  • Then read in the books of interpretation as the facilitation book of the downloads of the Son of Jaze.
  • And with his other books such as the book of the words of the Quran for desired Isfahani, and the dictionary of language measurements for Ibn Fares.
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Quran Ijazah

Leave is a certificate from Sheikh Major for the student.

Some readers are ignored in the preservation, they do not require conservation.

The benefits of conservation of the Quran

  1. Save the Holy Quran Pool and leave Hasra, and from leaving the recitation of the Holy Quran and abandoned it lost good great.
  2. Pressollah peace be upon him:
  3. He was prayer and peace kept the Holy Quran, and reviewed him with Jibril, peace be upon him and with some of his dear companions.
  4. The best book and the best book, is the book of Allah Almighty, in which science is Zakar and a great benefit.
  5. In the sciences of language, language, and the first two stories, and from every knowledge of Nafi we find a sea.
  6. Allah is pleased to save him for all people.
  7. Many saved him of their age as children were saved under ten years.
  8. And saved by the Arabs and the size.
  9. Recitation of the Quran and his preservation and learning better than the minimum, in the talk:
  10. I do not know anyone who is in the mosque.
  11. Knowing that camels are at that time of the same money and completed.
  12. It is equivalent to the same boats today.
  13. Hafez Quran is the first people in Jamah, in the hadeeth.
  14. The prayer of religion and the second pillar of Islam.
  15. Save the Holy Quran in the world and the Hereafter.

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What is the etiquette of reading the Quran?

Many arts must be observed and committed while reading the Quran, and the following is the most important:

Purity – learn in Top Quran Classes

As the reading of the Holy Quran is compliant, and if he does not find water for ablution and purity.

He has already limited his overview.

Clean the mouth or other:

  1. From the etiquette of reading the Quran cleaning the mouth well.
  2. Whether as a suck or other than clean it.
  3. And begins the right side of the mouth, and intends to do so.
  4. The dignity of the Prophet – peace is upon him.

The faith of Allah Almighty:

  • The believer must be attended by Allah Almighty in himself and clarity.
  • Choose a clean place for the recitation of the Quran.
  • The reason most Muslim scholars read the Koran in the mosque is that it is one of the cleaners and the supervisor of places.

The Qibla receives when reciting the Quran if he is not prayed:

  1. The insured must sit with argument, and swan, and sit with literature and worries.
  2. This is the best and most complete for the looting of Allah’s book.
  3. But he may be kissed if the insured, or in his bed.
  4. Or anyway it was and he had a pay. 

Factoring Allah Almighty before starting recitation:

And be saying, I seek refuge in Allah the gentle of the accursed Satan.

Keep saying “In the name of Allah the Merciful”:

Repeated as saying when you start reading the first Surah from the fence of the Holy Quran, except for Surah repentance.

Repetition and focus – learn in Top Quran Classes

  1. Re-read the verse more than once and repeat it to manage and understand.
  2. Be careful to focus on the recitation Quran.
  3. And not to talk to others, except for the need for peace.

Avoid accelerating the reading of Allah:

It has been forced to expedite his reading, and it should be laughing and metaphrase.

This is more influential in the heart.

In the end, the TOP Quran Classes site is one of the best Quran memorization sites, with the best teacher in Arabic Quran, The Arabic language is the language of the Quran, so those who must memorize the Quran to be a spokesman of Arabic, we have a teacher of the Quran graduate of Al-Azhar. As we mentioned in an article today, all you have to have the student participate and start learning the Quran correctly.

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