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Quran recitation online

Quran recitation online on Top Quran Classes This site has Egyptian Arab Tutors, graduates from Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, speaking Arabic, the language of the Quran in Arabic, so everyone who wants to learn the Quran must learn through Egyptian Arab Tutors, and the lines Following we will explain in detail Quran recitation online.

Online Quran Classes For anyone who wants to learn the Quran correctly, easily, and simply, this site has a teacher of Arabic speakers and Al-Azhar.

Quran recitation online

The Prophet Muhammad told us that reciting the Quran has four benefits, for it brings peace and mercy. The angels protect its readers and Allah reminds them of those who are with Him. Each letter read will be rewarded with ten good deeds. And whoever recites it is counted among the people of the Quran who are the people of Allah and his own. And on the Day of Resurrection, the Quran will come as an intercessor for its people and those who recite it.

How to do Quran recitation online?

The Noble Quran is a light that guides the Muslim to the straight path. In this article, We will discuss in detail Quran recitation online so that every student knows the rules of memorizing the Quran online. This is a method that depends on continuing diligence every day. This is a special method for those who want to learn it and cannot connect with a sheik, and learn under him. This is a method for learning the Quran on the Top Quran Classes website.

The means of the student of the Quran

In the following lines, we will talk about the tools that everyone who wants to memorize the Quran needs, learn Quran:

Moral means:

Before starting Quran recitation online, you must have a strong determination to learn the Great Quran. So that the difficulties will be eased for you, you will earn a reward for every effort you make, and something to learn will be easy for you.

Renewal of intention:

It is necessary to make sure that all this effort is for the sake of Allah Almighty and not for anything besides Him. It is preferable to pray two units of prayer before proceeding with this step. May Allah Almighty support you on this Quran recitation online. And in the prayer of need, I ask your Lord, Glory be to Him, to facilitate the learning of the Quran. Do this prayer in the dead of the night, for this calls for the fulfillment of your hope and the response to your supplication.

Physical means:

This method requires you to have a Quran, preferably of a large size. But the most important thing is to have colored letters, audio recordings, an internet connection, and a computer to see and hear the readings during the Quran recitation online course.

Tips to learn the Quran online

  1. Wake up as early as possible after Fajr’s prayer. Start with Juz Amma and shorten the surah.
  2. Learn every day a rule of Tajweed on the Top Quran Classes website.
  3. When you have finished the book of rules of tajweed, open the Quran (uncolored letters) read any verse try to extract the rulings with it, and write in an adjacent notebook.
  4. Use the Quran in colored letters and review the ruling for each day.
  5. Always read aloud to strengthen your voice and control the pronunciation of letters correctly, Quran recitation online course is obligatory with Tajweed.
  6. Reward yourself whenever you exceed a rule of intonation and the more you improve your pronunciation of letters.
  7. Read in front of your friends and learn from their advice. Beautify your voice, as the Prophet of Allah Muhammad said: (Beautify the Quran with your voice).
  8. Record your readings and listen to them to assess yourself.
  9. You know that some Quranic verses are verbally similar, this will make it easier for you to recite a lot.

How do I learn to recite the Quran?

You can learn recitation through the following methods:

  • A lot of listening to the Quran by the glorified imams, or listening to the tapes of the Quran the teacher, while following their reading on the Quran, to know the ways of reading the Quran.
  • Quran recitation online It makes it easy for every student to memorize the Quran with ease, as learning the Quran online saves time and effort.
  • Registration in recitation courses held in mosques and centers specialized in memorizing the Quran.
  • In which these rulings are taught and the learning is applied by recitation to the teacher and the possibility of correcting the learner’s mistakes.
  • Watching Quran recitation lessons presented on the Top Quran Classes website.
  • And try to self-implement and take into account the alerts that are displayed and the repetition of what you hear from the verses being recited in front of you.
  • Purchasing books of recitation or copies of the Quran that show the rulings by adopting special colors explained in the footer or side margins of the page, which help in understanding and detailing the ruling.
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How do I learn to recite the Quran online?

Of course, Quran recitation online is very beneficial in terms of time and effort. Quran recitation online is done online by a distinguished teacher.

It is the first method used in teaching the Noble Quran in the first covenant of the revelation of the Noble Quran.

The Companions – may Allah be pleased with them – took the Noble Quran orally from the mouth of the Prophet Muhammad, and then transmitted it among them in the same way.

This shows the importance of the Quran recitation course in guiding the students to the correct way to learn the recitation of the Holy Quran.

Quran recitation online
Quran recitation online

Steps to learn the Quran online

In the following lines, we will mention the steps of learning the Quran online:


It is for the student to recite in front of the Sheikh, and the student presents what he has of the Quran, according to what the Sheikh specifies for him, and the Sheikh corrects the student during the presentation and the Quran recitation course.

Memorization Quran online

  1. It is for the Sheikh to recite in front of the student and for the student to repeat what the Sheikh has read.
  2. Through this method. the student can simulate the correct performance of the Quranic pronunciation.
  3. Balancing and combining the two is the best way to learn to recite the Quran.
  4. Some of the roles of the mastered Sheikh in learning the recitation of the Noble Quran can be mentioned in the following.
  5. Learn the correct way Quran recitation online to pronounce letters, output, and adjectives.
  6. Correct mistakes, and move them to the right.
  7. Faith education instills values ​​and refines the student’s personality.

How do I learn the Quran online?

The Prophet of Allah Muhammad reads the Holy Quran and presents him the companions – Allah satisfied with them – the provisions of Tajweed, as well as readers in every era.

The provisions of Tajweed were received with the Holy Quran from the mouths of the elders.

Tajweed should therefore be stable through reading on Sheikh officers.

In addition to the conservation of letters, the imbalance in Tajweed is an imbalance in reading, though keeping the characters stayed.

What do you know about the Battle of Uhud? The Battle of Uhud is a battle that took place between Muslims and the Quraish tribe on the seventh Saturday of the month of Shawwal in the third year of migration.

Learn the Quran in Top Quran Classes

  • It is things that help to install the saved reading on a nice sheik.
  • The error correction prescribed for the memorization Quran, and the edition is to realize that it is an exhibition of error and applied when the error occurs.
  • Learn Quran Recitation Online and master of what he teaches his sheik or mentor, and in fact, the teachers are underway; Either the student reads the Holy Quran.
  • His sheik is stated, and he is not allowed to preserve the year he read, and in the second year.
  • It is allowed to be preserved, but the second method To correct Sheikh is to demand the verses he wants to keep.
  • It is worth mentioning that the correction of recitation before conservation makes conservation much easier.
  • During the correction, the verses are returned, so most of the learners are providing nearly thirty percent of the verses while only seventy percent. To be conserved on the full face.

Steps to Recitation Quran Online Course

One of the most important ways to learn to keep the Quran is to recover what comes:

  1. Use the teacher’s Quran, and listen to Tajweed lessons. Use applications for Tajweed sciences, whether it is audible or readable.
  2. Resort to what is known as an electronic reader, or tapping of modern media correctly.
  3. To reach the merchants of the Quran, ask for help and help them as Allah loves and pleases.
  4. Reading and learning from theoretical books, including books for recitation and recitation.
  5. Which modern books are old, including what is available in an electronic version on websites?
  6. But it is worth mentioning that these methods resort to it if Quran Recitation Online is not able.
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Tips for memorizing Quran

Other tips for memorizing the Quran to recover:

  • Adopt one Sheikh for this task, so as not to feel the learner during Recitation Quran Online Course.
  • As well as between Sheikh and another, a certain method must be adopted in memorizing the Holy Quran to recover from the Sheikh, so that the learner’s mind does not hesitate.
  • Even though these methods of the Sheikh himself, with the need for conservation and reading of one edition of the Quran.
  • The faith of Allah – and is keen to choose the place and the right time to save.
  • And closer to Allah – to Allah – and to resort to the apparatus.
  • The preservation of Tawfiq and facilitation of Allah.
  • Linking the verses of the Holy Quran in the meaning and interpretation during the Recitation Quran Online Course.
  • And focus on the verses during conservation, with the importance of repeating conservation. Leave sins, sins, harvesters, commitment to obedience, and worship.
  • The allocation of a daily response to save until the learner feels the need for and the importance of regularity in the memorization of the Holy Quran, and therefore pursue him without interruption.

The virtue of learning the Holy Quran

It is keen to learn the Koran and create so many virtues, mentioned:

  1. Responses for his companions on the Day of Resurrection.
  2. Great favors bring to his people.
  3. It is fortified from falling into slip and harvesting.
  4. He gives his family charity to all people.
  5. This is the preferred learning Recitation Quran Online Course.

What are the ethics of recitation of the Holy Quran?

There is several arts that are associated with the reader of the Quran when they are:

  1. The faith of the intention of Allah in recitation.
  2. The scene of the Quran and his home, and the slave of Allah in recitation.
  3. Clean the reader’s toothpicks before initiating the Quran Course Recitation.
  4. Press the recitation of pulse and spelling, with a passport that the reader is uncompressed.
  5. You must be very focused to memorize well.
  6. The qiblah reception, and reading with arena, caring, and presence of the heart.
  7. Referring to the outside and the poisoning when you start recitation.
  8. The verses are frequent and repeated to manage them, and the sensory of the words of Allah – Sabbah – when passing with a matter of torment, or traffic in the enough to praise Allah and so on.

How to learn the Quran online?

  • Read the first four verses from Surat, and heated each one of them twenty times.
  • Read the first four verses connected twenty times, before moving to the fifth verse.
  • Then read each of the fifth, sixth, and seventh verses twenty times, each separately.
  • Reading from verse five to verse number eight twenty times.
  • Reading from the first verse to the verse continuously twenty times, To install the first face of Surat.
  • Repeat the previous way in each face of the Quran during the Recitation Quran Course.

Benefits of memorizing the Quran

To save the Holy Quran’s goals and great benefits, mention what comes:

  1. Save the Holy Quran in the Prophet of Allah peace be upon him.
  2. Make the Prophet – Allah bless him – maximizing the holder of the Quran proof of maximizing Allah.
  3. The Quran keeps his intercession on the Day of Resurrection.
  4. Protects his owner from the fire.
  5. The preservation of the Holy Quran from the people of Allah and his sister.
  6. The memorization Quran is a reason for the Muslims and the Hereafter.
  7. Learn Recitation Quran Online and teach him what is good about the world and what.

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