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Online Quran Classes

Online Quran Classes for everyone looking for online Quran learning is an easy and simple way, as online Quran classes for beginners have become easy through Zoom or Skype programs, Top Quran classes offer the best online Quran classes through the best Quran teacher, and in the lines, In the following, we will explain learn Quran Arabic online in detail.

What do you know about the Battle of Uhud? The Battle of Uhud is a battle that took place between Muslims and the Quraish tribe on the seventh Saturday of the month of Shawwal in the third year of migration.

Online Quran Classes

Are you looking for how to learn to recite the Noble Quran with ease and ease?

This article is your first guide to getting to know the tips and instructions that help you greatly in reciting the Noble Quran correctly.

The recitation of the Noble Quran must be based on some sound rules that help in reading correctly and soundly.

Also, the recitation is some of the rulings through which the Quran is read and recited correctly so that you will receive the full reward.

Online Quran Classes Tips

Some tips must be followed when Reading the Quran, so that you can recite it correctly, the most important of which are the following:

  • You must purify yourself first before you start the Online Quran Classes, as purity is one of the most important pillars of recitation.
  • You must choose the right place that befits the Holy Quran. It is necessary to make sure to read in a place that is as clean and clean as possible.
  • You must be humble while reading, it is necessary to evoke the greatness of the Noble Quran and to read.
  • Do not interrupt the recitation except for the utmost necessity, as the matter must be urgent to be able to interrupt the recitation of the Noble Quran.
  • You must investigate literature while reading, and you must remain as calm and still as possible.
  • You must seek Allah’s protection first before you start reading, in order to prepare properly for reciting the Noble Quran.
  • Try to take a break between each word and another, so that you can learn the Online Quran Classes that you absorb as much of the Quran as possible.

How to learn to recite the Holy Quran

When you follow these simple steps, you can easily learn how to learn to recite the Noble Quran:

  1. More than listening to the masters who are masters of recitation correctly so that you can learn online Quran classes for adults.
  2. Try to listen to some tapes of the Noble Quran through which you can learn the foundations and rules of correct reading.
  3. Sign up for some special training courses for Online Quran Classes, through which you can learn the most important provisions of the Holy Quran.
  4. There are many videos explaining the correct recitation and the most important rulings that must be learned and adopted when Reading the Quran.
  5. Watch the lessons shown on TV and on various websites that contain a large number of important information on how to learn to read the Quran.
  6. Try to buy some existing books to explain the rulings and how to read the Quran correctly.
  7. If you can enlist the help of a sheikh to do Online Quran Classes, then this method is one of the best ways that greatly facilitate how to learn to read the Holy Quran.

Online Quran classes for beginners

There are many benefits that accrue to a person when he reads the Noble Quran, the most important of which are the following:

  • The Quran helps you escape from the evil that may happen to you through Quran lessons online, with the Quran as a solid fortress that protects its owner from any evil.
  • The Noble Quran raises its owner by degrees in Paradise and raises his power in this world as well.
  • The Quran will intercede for its companion on the Day of Resurrection, and it may save him from Hellfire.
  • Reciting the Noble Quran has great merit and great reward with Allah.
  • The Noble Quran brings peace and mercy to the hearts, as angels surround the reciter of the Quran.
  • Allah magnifies the reward of reciting the Quran, as each letter has ten good deeds.
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Online Quran Classes in Tajweed

  1. In the language, it means making something good, as it means giving the letters their rights, and arranging them correctly so that each letter of the letters is returned to its original exit.
  2. There are two aspects to the recitation of the Noble Quran, the theoretical and the scientific.
  3. The theoretical aspect is related to the rulings that were put in place by the People of the Book, such as the sections of the muddoud and its most important times.
  4. The theoretical side is also concerned with the most important provisions of the letters of showing, merging, concealing, and other rules that have been explained and simplified in the Quran lessons online.
  5. The scientific aspect is concerned with taking into account the rules of intonation so that the reader can recite the Noble Quran correctly.

What are the provisions of intonation?

There are many provisions of tajweed, which are as follows:

Rulings for seeking refuge and Basmalah

It is a saying in the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, and it is one of the recommended and required Sunnahs in the Online Quran Classes, so it is necessary to start your reading by saying in the name of Allah.

What do you know about the Battle of Badr? It is a battle that took place on the seventeenth of Ramadan in the second year of the Hijrah (corresponding to March 13, 624 AD) between Muslims led by the Prophet Muhammad, and the Quraish tribe.

The provisions of the Noon

For the sakin or tanween, whether it is accusative, nominative, or so on, they are as follows:


It means covering, where the unstressed consonant is pronounced, and we must preserve the ghana in the first letter, approximately two movements.

As for the static Meem

It contains three provisions, namely, oral inclusion, oral concealment, and oral manifestation.

Oral fusion means that you merge a static meem with another mobile meme so that it becomes one.

Online Quran Classes
Online Quran Classes

As for concealment

It is the act of concealing the meem when it occurs in the speech, which comes immediately after the letter ba.

Oral presentation

It is to show the meem when any letter after it occurs, such as the letters of the alphabet, except for the letter meem and the letter baa.

The provisions of the meem and the nun

The presence of ghana in the nun and the meem, and the musaddin in the wasl or endowment, whether it occurs in the middle or at the end of the word, must be present.


It is to insert some consonants with vowels after them, by deleting the consonant and tightening the vowel, which is divided into three types:

Symmetrical diphthongs

It is the presence of two consecutive letters united at the exit from the mouth, and also that they are united in the adjective, and learning that is through the best online Quran classes.

Homogeneous immersion

It is the presence of two consecutive letters that unite at the mouth, and they differ in some other characteristics.

It is limited to approximately seven letters, which are ta’ and ta’, ta’ and ta’, signifier and ta’, dhal and dha’, ta’ and dal, baa, and meem.

Affinity merging

It means the convergence of successive letters in the adjective and khajrj, which is limited to two letters only, namely, lam and ra, and qaf and kaf.

Quran lessons online

Memorizing the Quran changes a person’s life for the better, elevates his mind, and gives him a high ability to focus, purify his heart, and raise the level of his awareness.

The importance of memorizing the Quran

Memorizing the Quran is the first step to seeking knowledge, for seeking knowledge is a virtue for every Muslim man and woman.

But it is better to save it at a young age. That is where his mind is faster in the Online Quran Classes, and Allah Almighty has commanded him to memorize the Quran for whomever of His servants He wants.

The verses of the Noble Quran must also be interpreted to work with them and understand their meanings, but Online Quran classes for beginners help a person get rid of diseases, sadness, and anxiety. As well as strengthening the personality of the individual developing his aspects, and making the individual closer to Allah Almighty, this is in addition to the good deeds that a person acquires.

How to memorize the Quran for beginners

  • First, there must be a sincere intention to memorize the Quran to gain the pleasure of Allah Almighty.
  • The Holy Quran must be heard with proper recitation, as this helps to memorize faster.
  • Then specify a certain number of verses to memorize daily with the repetition of each verse separately.
  • Like repeating the first verse several times, for example, ten or more times, until he memorized it completely.
  • Then move to the second verse and do the same and so on. But after the fourth verse, for example, the previous four verses are retrieved and then continue in the same manner.
  • With the permanent recitation of another person who is fluent in the peaceful reading of the Noble Quran.
  • We must not skip a verse until it is completely memorized, and for ease of memorization also, Quran online classes must be interpreted and understood, because that helps a lot to memorize them faster.
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The Virtue of Memorizing and Reading the Quran:

The Noble Quran is a sacred word from Allah Almighty, as sent by our Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, to Muslims.

Online Quran Classes are among the best deeds to Allah Almighty, as it has great benefit and brings goodness and blessings, as well as intercede for its companions on the Day of Resurrection. Whoever recites the Noble Quran will have a great and great reward, and the good deed is ten times as much, but whoever memorizes it has a great standing with Allah Almighty.

How to memorize Quran with Tajweed:

  1. Listen to the part to be memorized by a sheikh reciting the Noble Quran with intonation and its rulings.
  2. Repetition several times until it is completely memorized, taking into account the correct intonation as the Sheikh read.
  3. It is possible to go to a mosque or a house to memorize the Quran to learn the proper intonation.
  4. When reading the Quran or praying, he Reads the Quran with Tajweed, which helps Quran online classes easily but faster.

Benefits of memorizing and reading the Quran:

  • It helps a person understand himself and the world around him.
  • It keeps him away from anxiety, tension, fear, and confusion.
  • It relaxes the heart and mind of the believer.
  • Online Quran Classes teach human values, principles, and good morals.
  • Urges him to be patient, endurance, and contentment.
  • The servant draws close to his Lord.
  • May Allah bless him with abundant goodness and good deeds.
  • Reduces stress and agitation.
  • Strengthens human immunity and gets rid of diseases.

Important points for memorizing the Quran without forgetting it:

  1. Seeking the help of Allah Almighty and relying on Allah.
  2. Seeking refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan because it is the cause of forgetfulness.
  3. The intention must be sincere to Allah Almighty, frequent supplications and remembrances, and regular prayer.
  4. Continuing to constantly read the Quran, as is one of the most important points not to forget.
  5. Determine the time to save and the time to review what has been saved.
  6. Not specifying a large amount to memorize so as not to overburden the soul, it is better to select small portions each day for memorization, as this helps the Online Quran Classes not to forget.
  7. Revising what has been memorized from the Holy Quran on an ongoing basis and linking the previous and subsequent verses to each other, it is necessary to review it permanently and continuously.
  8. Reinforce yourself by completing the required part daily during online Quran learning.
  9. To choose a suitable place and time for memorization so that you can focus well, and it should be after the Fajr prayer.

How to memorize Quran in a short time:

  • Pray to Allah to bless us in our time.
  • That the intention is completely sincere and the purity of your heart and the absence of sin in it.
  • Understand the Quran well, interpret its verses, and focus on and reflect on them. This helps to facilitate and speed up the memorization Quran.
  • Reading what has been memorized from the Noble Quran while performing the prayers, helps to review what has been memorized.
  • You should choose a quiet place when memorizing the Quran and be clear in mind, as this helps to memorize in less time.

Methods of reviewing the memorization of the Noble Quran:

  1. To install the memorization of the Noble Quran after online Quran learning, there must be several ways to review.
  2. To review the Holy Quran that has been memorized daily to ensure that it has been memorized completely.
  3. Listening to the Noble Quran daily is a way to make sure that the surahs are memorized completely, and it is also considered a quick review.
  4. It is necessary to understand the verses and focus on them while understanding what they are intended for.
  5. Do a male circle with other individuals and share with them the reading of the Noble Quran.
  6. Read the surahs that have been memorized to review and make sure that they are memorized.

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