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Native Quran teacher, the Quran is the last of the heavenly books with which Allah – Glory be to Him – supported His Messengers – may prayers and peace be upon them – which means that it is the dominant and most comprehensive one, as it includes all that was included in the previous heavenly books, and even in addition to them, and distinguishes the Quran The Noble Quran with its eloquence, eloquence, and miraculousness, whether the miraculousness is in the pronunciation, meaning, judgment, or rulings, as he told about events and facts, past and subsequent, and therefore the Holy Quran is valid for every time, place, and for all peoples.

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Information about the Quran

  • The term of the Noble Quran is known as a name for the words of Allah – the Highest – which He revealed to His Prophet Muhammad – may Allah prayers and peace be upon him.
  • The worshiper with its recitation, the miraculous with every letter in it.
  • That is, the term Holy Quran is specific to the Book of Allah, so it cannot be applied to other books.
  • It is called by several other names, including Al-Furqan, Al-Dhikr, Al-Kitab, and Al-Tanzil, and it is often called: Al-Kitab, and Al-Quran.
  • The Holy Quran has several advantages; Including It included what all the heavenly books contained.
  • And he commanded him to worship Allah alone, not to associate with Him, to believe in reward and resurrection.
  • To send Messengers – may blessings and peace be upon them – and adopt the best and noblest manners.
  • The teachings of the Noble Quran are considered the last thing that Allah – the Highest – revealed to mankind, meaning that they remain throughout time.
  • The Holy Quran cannot contradict any scientific fact, just as Allah Almighty made it easy for His servants to memorize His Book, to act upon it, and to understand it.

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Numbers in the Quran

  1. There are 114 chapters in the Noble Quran and more than six thousand verses – 6,236 verses – all in “30” parts.
  2. The number of dots in the Holy Quran is “1015030” points – approximately – and its letters are “323670” making up a total of “77,934” Quranic words.
  3. Each surah consists of sentences or syllables, each of which is called a verse.
  4. Surahs of the Noble Quran are “87” of which are Meccan and “27” of them are Medinan.
  5. All the surahs begin with the Basmalah except for the blessed surah al-Tawbah.
  6. The blessed surah al-Naml with two Basmalahs.
  7. Seven Suras of the Noble Quran bear the names of seven prophets, namely: Yunus, Hud, Yusuf, Ibrahim, Muhammad, and Noah.
  8. The longest surah is Surat Al-Baqara with 286 verses, and the shortest is Surat Al-Kawthar with 3 verses.
  9. Surat Al-Tawhid – Al-Ikhlas – is the only Surah that contains one kasra, this is without the Basmalah.
  10. The Blessed Surah Al-Hamd: It is the first Surah, while Surat Al-Nas is the last, according to the order known in the Noble Quran, not according to the revelation of the Surahs.
  11. In this case, Al-Alaq will be the first surah descending on the chest of our Prophet Muhammad “peace and blessings of Allah be upon him”, while Surat Al-Nasr will be the last.
  12. The word “Allah” is mentioned in the Holy Quran as “2707” times, “980” in the nominative case, “592” in the accusative case, and “1135” in the prepositional case.
Native Quran teacher
Native Quran teacher

Features of Native Quran teacher

  • The teacher of the Quran must define his goal of disrespecting the teaching of the Quran, and sincerely intend to Allah Almighty for his honorable face and remove from his heart the love of the world and fame.
  • The Messenger of Allah, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “The best of you are those who learn and teach the Quran.”
  • So it is incumbent upon the teacher to realize the greatness of the Book of Allah and the honor of his mission and to review his goal and intention constantly so that he reminds and refines himself.
  • The goal is the motive that lifts the person out of despair in difficult moments and pushes him away from surrendering to the obstacles and difficulties he faces.
  • The teacher of the Quran and the bearer of the Book of Allah must take care of his general appearance and appearance.
  • The bearer of the Quran is never supposed to have shabby clothes scattered in the form, a sign of asceticism, for example, and drawing close to Allah by leaving belongings.
  • This is a big mistake, and it may deter people from learning from it.
  • Whoever memorizes the Book of Allah certainly preserves the verse (Say: Who has forbidden Allah adornment that He brought forth for His servants and the good things of sustenance?
  • Therefore, the teacher of the Quran must take care of his appearance without extravagance or extravagance.
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Native Quran teacher behaviors

  • He must also be of good manners, tolerant of manners and manners, a kind smiler who does not enter the assembly with his eyebrows clammy.
  • He does not joke a lot so he goes with the dignity of the assembly.
  • The Quran teacher must be patient, and patience is the key to completing all difficult tasks.
  • The Quran needs patience in teaching and learning.
  • The teacher’s chest should never be constricted if the student is unable to recite correctly due to his young age or because he is unable to control the letters and their exits.
  • He does not get angry due to the student’s forgetfulness or inability to memorize some verses.
  • Rather, he must be patient with the student and give the student patience to memorize so that he does not get fed up and bored due to the difficulty of memorizing or the length of time it takes.
  • The teacher of the Quran must be of good character and morals, as the bearer of the Book of Allah must have good morals.
  • The Messenger of Allah, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “A believer is not slandered, cursed, obscene, or obscene.”
  • The teacher of the Quran is not a lot of cursing and cursing or a lot obscene speech, and he is not cursing, cursing, or slandering, but what people are ashamed of saying and they hate to hear.
  • It also does not hurt the feelings of his students, especially if they are children.
  • So he does not tell them of their weak level, lack of achievement, stupidity, and so on, which repels children from memorizing the Book of Allah.
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