Benefits Of Online Hifz Classes

Benefits Of Online Hifz Classes


Online Hifz classes (Quran memorization classes) offer several benefits that make them a popular choice for individuals seeking to memorize the Quran A true Muslim is one who applies everything he/she learns from the Quran as it contains many didactic lessons for all of us to learn and apply. When this happens, you get to have the whole possible benefits on both personal and societal levels. Prophet Mohammed ( May Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon him ) has asserted for many times the importance of learning and teaching the Quran in a number of Hadiths. For instance, ‘ Uthman bin ‘ Affan ( May Allah be pleased with him ) reported: The Messenger of Allah ( blessings and peace of Allah be upon him ) said, “ The best amongst you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it. ( Al-Bukhari )


. Here are some of the advantages of online Hifz classes:


  • Progress registration: The electronic Qur’an provides the advantage of recording progress, as users can track their progress in preserving the fence and various parts and identify areas where they need more work. This enables them to measure their progress and motivate them to move forward.


  • Repetition and repetition: The electronic Qur’an provides multiple options for repetition and exercise. Users can repeat frequently defined verses and images to enhance their preservation and fixation. They can also determine the frequency pattern that suits them, such as automatic or manual repetition, and determine the number of times they want to repeat.


  • Phonemic accompaniment: Some electronic Qur’ans introduce the phonemic accompaniment feature, where users can listen to the recitation of the Noble Qur’an by famous readers. This helps them improve their recitation and pronunciation of Arabic words and enhance their understanding of meanings.


  • Rapid research and review: The electronic Quran provides quick search tools that allow users to find verses, words, and concepts easily. They can also perform a quick review of the fence and the parts they keep continuously.
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  • Diversity of versions and translations: Users can use the electronic Qur’an to access various versions and translations of the Noble Qur’an. This allows them to understand the meanings in more detail:
  • Better and broaden their knowledge of Arabic.


  • Interaction and participation: The electronic Qur’an provides an opportunity for users to interact and share Quranic content through social platforms and virtual societies. They can communicate with others who memorize the Qur’an, share their thoughts and experiences, and motivate each other on their journey to memorize the Qur’an.


  • Safe preservation and easy retention: Users can keep a digital copy of the Noble Qur’an on their electronic devices in a safe and reliable manner. In addition, they can take advantage of backups and the cloud to keep them safe and not lost.


  • Assignment: Users can customize the electronic Quran according to their personal needs and preferences. They can change the font size, choose the background pattern, adjust the recitation and frequency settings, and switch between the verses and the fence.



And May God bless him and grant him peace said: « And when people gathered in a house in the houses of God, they read the book of God and study it among them, but the serenity was revealed to them, their mercy was deceived by the angels, and God reminded them of those who have » ( a Muslim novel ).

Among the great benefits also for teaching the Noble Qur’an are the following :

  • Ease of access: Online learning is an easy and flexible way for children to access educational resources to learn the Noble Qur’an. Children can access the lessons of the Qur’an, recitations, and Islamic songs from anywhere and at any time appropriate for them.


  • Interaction and participation: Children can interact with educational content online and participate in various virtual forums and societies for learning the Qur’an. They can also communicate with teachers and other students to exchange ideas and experiences.


  • Integrated learning: Children can learn the Noble Qur’an in an integrated way over the Internet. Besides memorizing the verses and the fence, they can also learn the improvement, interpretation, and legal provisions related to the Qur’an. This comprehensive learning gives them a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the Noble Qur’an.
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  • Continuous review: Children can continuously review educational materials online. This allows them to re-listen to recitations and lessons and to repeat exercises continuously to enhance their preservation and understanding of the Noble Qur’an.


  • Interactive learning: Online educational resources provide interactive tools and enjoyable educational activities for children. Children can participate in educational games, challenges, and competitions that enhance their encouragement and motivation to learn the Qur’an in an interesting and enjoyable way.


  • Save time and effort: Children can save time and effort by learning online. They do not need to move to educational centers or travel for educational classes but rather can benefit from educational resources in the comfort of their homes.


  • Independent learning: Children can learn the Qur’an independently over the Internet. They can use educational resources on their own according to the pace and schedule that suits them. This allows them to develop organizational skills and independence in learning.


  • Utilizing technology: Children live in the age of technology, and learning the Qur’an online allows them to benefit from technology positively. They can use interactive applications, educational programs, and websites to enhance and motivate their educational experience.


  • Follow-up on performance progress: Children and their parents can track child performance progress online. Their recitation and memorization can be evaluated and their progress in understanding and improvement evaluated through online applications and educational platforms.


  • In the old traditional way of teaching the Quran to kids, it was difficult to set a fixed time for the class that suits parents with busy schedules. On the other hand, online Quran teaching is flexible enough to set the day and the time that works best for you and your children to learn the Holy Quran online. This flexibility of time bridges the gaps between the countries of the entire world with different time zones.