How to Quran translation online

How to Quran translation online

How to Quran translation online? It is forbidden for a person to read the Quran in any language other than Arabic, and I think that there is no difference of opinion among scholars regarding that, Because if he reads it in a language other than Arabic, it is not a Quran.

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Allah Almighty has said about the Quran: {In a clear Arabic tongue} [Al-Shu`ara’: 195].

Quran in Arabic

  1. If he reads the Quran translation online other than Arabic, the miracle will undoubtedly happen, and if he reads it in a language other than Arabic.
  2. The order will change because it is known in other than Arabic that if a genitive and a genitive are combined, the genitive is presented before the genitive.
  3. Or an adjective and a descriptor that precedes the adjective, and the like.
  4. So it is not permissible for him to read the Quran in anything other than Arabic.
  5. Based on this: whoever does not know Arabic, and wants to pray, says the dhikr that was mentioned in those who could not read, glorification, takbeer, tahlil, and tahmeed.
  6. If he is unable to do this in Arabic, then there is nothing wrong with reciting the dhikr in a language other than Arabic, because it is not Quran.

Is the Quran read in Arabic?

  • It is known that reading something in prayer is one of its pillars that is not valid without it.
  • The next to this corner, it is Sunnah to recite what is available from the Quran after Al-Fatihah in the first two rak’ahs.
  • The scholars said that the reading must be in Arabic for one who is able to do so, even if he is unable to read in Arabic.
  • It is not permissible for him to read it translated into another language, and if he does that, his prayers are invalidated by the majority of jurists.
  • He says Al-Nawawi in his book (Al-Majmoo’): The translation of the Quran is not a Quran by the consensus of Muslims, and trying to demonstrate it is costly.
  • No one disputes that the speaker in the meaning of the Quran translation online in Hindi is not Quran.
  • It is not what he uttered in the Quran, and whoever disagreed with this was arrogant and ungrateful.
  • The interpretation of Imru’ al-Qays’ poetry is not his own. How can the interpretation of the Quran be Qur’an?
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Scholars’ opinion on reading the Quran in Arabic

  1. There is no dispute that the Quran translation online is a miracle, and there is no miracle in translation.
  2. It was reported on the authority of Abu Hanifa that it is permissible to read with translation in prayer for those who are able to read in Arabic, or who are not.
  3. Referring to some verses that are not a text in the claimant, the investigators said: Abu Hanifa retracted his opinion.
  4. So it is not permissible to read in a language other than Arabic except for those who are unable to do so.
  5. Based on this.
  6. There is only one opinion among the Hanafis, which is the permissibility of reciting the Quran translation online.
  7. The three imams said that prayer is corrupt, and Abu Hanifa and his companions said: that prayer is permissible; Because the incapable of the Arab rule of the illiterate.
  8. There is no reading on it, and if it mentions it in any language Do not spoil his prayers, as well as those who were in his rule.

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How to Quran translation online?

  • Allah Almighty commanded us in His Noble Book to read the Noble Quran, to recite its correct recitation, and to recite it.
  • As it was mentioned in His Book, the Mighty and Sublime, that he said:
  • [And recite the Quran in recitation (4)) [Al-Muzammil:4].
  • What is meant by reciting the Noble Quran is to read it in a sound and correct manner, through careful reading and clarifying the letters.
  • Giving every letter in the Noble Quran its due, whether that is from the due exits of the letters, or the rulings entailed on the letter from showing and concealing.
  • And adherence to the provisions of reading the Quran translation online in full.
  • Deliberation in reading helps in reading it peacefully and understanding its meanings well.
  • There are many intonation books that teach the provisions of recitation of verses of the Quran and their recitation that can be consulted and benefited from.
  • Including The book The Art of Recitation in the provisions of intonation by Abdullah Al-Sabbagh.
How to Quran translation online
How to Quran translation online

What is the etiquette of reading the Quran?

There are many etiquettes that must be observed and adhered to while reading the Quran translation online, and the following are the most important of them:

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  1. It is a mustahabb to read the Quran translation online in a state of purity.
  2. If he does not find water for ablution and purification, he must do tayammum to maintain his purity.

Cleaning the mouth with a toothpick or something else:

  • Among the etiquette of reciting the Noble Quran is to clean the mouth well.
  • Whether it is with a toothpick or something else that is used to clean it.
  • To start with the right side of the mouth, and with that intends to do the Sunnah of the Prophet – may Allah bless him and grant him peace.

The sincerity of intention to Allah Almighty:

The believer must invoke God Almighty in himself and speak to him, for by reciting it the hearts are opened and hearts are enlightened.

Choosing a clean place to recite the Quran:

The reason why most Muslim scholars recommended reading the Quran in the mosque It is one of the cleanest and most honorable places.

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Repetition and focus:

  1. It is desirable to re-read the same verse more than once and repeat it for contemplation and understanding.
  2. Be careful to focus on reciting the Quran translation online, and not to cut him off from talking to others, except for necessity, as a response to peace.

Avoid rushing to read the book of Allah:

It may be forbidden to over- haste in reciting it, rather it should be recited and recited with contemplation, as this has the most impact on the heart.

Glory respect and reverence for the Book of Allah:

Avoid laughing, joking, or making mistakes while holding the Quran between the hands.


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