10 Benefits Of Online Hifz Classes regarding the traditional methods

Benefits Of Online Hifz Classes

10 Benefits Of Online Hifz Classes:

Muslims may face many obstacles in their memorization but after understanding 

Benefits Of Online Hifz Classes, they will overcome them.

 These Solutions are for many problems such as language, place, time, money, and age, and even many disabilities that would be a barrier to learning.


 What are The Benefits Of Online Hifz Classes 

As we previously mentioned there are many problems could be in the way of memorization such as place, language, fees, and time

Now we will mention the Benefits Of Online Hifz Classes

1-the world is a small village

Place could be a great obstacle in the memorization journey, you may not find qualified reciters in surrounding places.

Even if you find a place like a masjed or a council near your side, their tajweed rules may not be very good.

With online Hifz classes, geographical barriers are eliminated, allowing students to connect with certified and qualified tutors of their location.


2-Qualified hifz tutors

One of the key Benefits Of Online Hifz Classes is the ability to find qualified Hifz tutors from anywhere in the world. This is a significant advantage over the traditional Hifz methods, where students were limited to their local area and the availability of teachers in the surrounding area, even if they were not qualified enough.

In the past, Muslims who wanted to memorize the Quran had limited options when trying to find qualified tutors. They would often have to rely on local mosques or Islamic centers, which might not always have qualified teachers available. This limited access to qualified instructors made it difficult for individuals to receive proper guidance and instruction in their Hifz journey.

Now, students no longer have to settle for whoever is available in their area. They now have the opportunity to study under the guidance of highly qualified Hifz teachers from different parts of the world. Online platforms bring together diverse talented teachers who specialize in teaching Quran memorization and recitation.


These teachers are not only experienced in the field of Hifz but also possess a deep understanding of Tajweed (rules of Quranic recitation) and Tafsir (interpretation of the Quran). This ensures that students not only memorize the Quran but also develop a proper understanding of its teachings and recite it correctly. The availability of such qualified teachers lays the foundation for a comprehensive and effective learning experience.


Furthermore, online Hifz classes empower students to find teachers who resonate with their learning styles and personalities. With a variety of options available, students can explore different teaching styles, methodologies, and approaches to find a teacher who best fits their requirements. This level of customization enhances the learning experience and enables students to establish a strong connection with their teachers.

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3-interactive learning 

One of the concerns that individuals may have about online Hifz classes is the lack of real contact with teachers. However, modern technology has overcome this issue by incorporating features that facilitate real-time communication between teachers and students. Platforms often include live video conferencing, online chat, interactive virtual classrooms, and different online activities allowing students to have direct conversations with their teachers. This not only enhances the learning experience but also strengthens the relationship between the tutor and students.


4-time management

Are you in school, university, or work with restricted work hours? 

Does this prevent your beginning step of hifz?

One of the significant Benefits Of Online Hifz Classes is to break time barriers and the flexibility it offers in terms of scheduling. Unlike traditional Hifz classes that have fixed timings and require physical attendance at a specific location, online Hifz classes provide the flexibility to choose a schedule that suits individual needs and commitments. It will help you find the best time to memorize and attend classes.

You can attend the recorded classes if the live one is at an inappropriate time, and also if you are in an area that completely differs in time.

5-Quran Classes for Ladies and kids

One of the most important Benefits Of Online Hifz Classes is to find a certified and qualified female tutor, this is one of the obstacles that Muslim women face.

They mostly could find certified female reciters who had obtained (ìgazh) and were certified to teach the Quran.

Also, obtaining the Best Online Hifz Courses for their kids at the same time is a great benefit.

6-disability challenge

There are many disabilities that could face Quran memorizers.

Physical disability

Here, the problem is how to move to the site of Quran teaching, this could be overcome by Quran Classes Online.

Online Hifz classes provide a flexible learning environment that can be customized according to the needs and capabilities of individuals with physical disabilities. They can choose their preferred learning environment, whether it’s a quiet room, a wheelchair-accessible space, or any other suitable location. This flexibility ensures that they can fully engage in their studies without any physical discomfort.


Learning disabilities

Here, the issue with the teaching techniques, now you can find those reciters who will help you to memorize the Quran regarding your difficulty.

With one-on-one attention, teachers can customize their instruction based on the student’s learning style, which may include disabilities. Each student has a unique way of Quran learning. Some may require more practice on certain verses, while others may need extra guidance in understanding the meanings of specific parts. In an online setting, teachers have the flexibility to modify their teaching methods to suit the individual student’s requirements, ensuring that the student gets the full advantage of the learning experience.

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7-Non-Arab Online Quran Classes

Non-Arabs face two problems, the first one is to memorize the Quran in the Arabic language, as they can’t pronounce Arabic correctly. And the other one is to understand what they had memorized.

The online courses will provide you with Arabic and English fluent tutors, they will teach you the Quran in English and memorize it in Arabic.

Also, the concern could be solved by Online Noorani Qaida Classes, here, you would be able to read and pronounce the Arabic letters and words correctly.

8-course fee flexibility 

According to what you require and what you can pay, fees could differ. 

Many online courses have affordable fees, also you can also find many free apps on your phone or computer.

9-different kinds of smart devices and platforms

You may think that you have to possess a special kind of smart device to attend these classes, but actually, you don’t have to.

You may attend them via phone, tablet, laptop, and even PC, you just need the Internet to participate in the online sessions or to download the recorded one.

10-parent supervision and following up

Parents may find it difficult to attend kids’ sessions in the traditional hifz ways, due to their work.

The benefits Of Online Hifz Classes are that they can follow up on their progress continuously, either by attending the live sessions or by reviewing the recorded ones.

They can schedule the time of the live sessions in order to guarantee their attendance with their kids.

Related questions

What are the benefits of Hifz?

The Quran is our instructor’s book, here we learn how to live, and for what to die, so these aren’t only words to be repeated, these are our way of life.

So, hifz Quran benefits not only deeds for the hereafter. It’s also to learn how to make the Quran our manner and leader.

Protect us from transgressions

Being a memorizer and reciter of the Quran will protect your tongue, and other senses from committing sins, as the words of Allah are constantly reminding you. Even if you have sinned, you will repent from your sins.

Memory enhancement

 many people think that a good memory is mandatory to memorize quran, but quite the opposite, your memorization will stimulate and preserve your memory.

There are many researches that were made in this field, studying the effect of the quran memorization on our memory, they found that those who have been Hafiz Quran since they were children are less likely to develop memory problems.

The reason for this could be the so-called neuroplasticity, which is defined as the ability of our brains to change and promote physiologically and functionally due to stimulation.

So, during your memorization, you will touch memory enhancement. 


During your quran memorization journey you will search for the best way to learn, you may face many difficulties which could prevent you from continuing.

The Benefits Of Online Hifz Classes over the traditional ways help us to overcome many difficulties that we could face, such as place, time, money, and even disabilities.

Also, it could add many advantages such as learning tafseer and tajweed, also it will add parent supervision.